Interview: Cold Weather Company

Social media can be a crowded place for the average person. Quite a few use it to chat with their friends about interesting things with the ability to communicate to a worldwide audience. However, the overload of endless cat videos, food pictures and ignorant comments can make it unbearable to use effectively. Luckily, a friend convinced me to join the Twitter-verse with a simple etiquette to follow. As an artist and appreciator of all things related to art, she recommended I keep to that theme of art as my base for these social media outlets. Part of that included exploring fellow artists who came my way. Musicians are often my favorite group of people to get in contact with. As luck would have it, a band called Cold Weather Company caught my ear one day. As I always do, I took a look into their music and went from there. Boy, these guys are good! Cold Weather Company was one of those fateful few that really got my attention and admiration right off the bat. I started downloading their stuff immediately and began chatting with them on Twitter. One thing let to another and an opportunity to interview the trio came about.

On a rainy Monday evening I jumped on a Skype conversation with the members of the musical crew, Brian Curry, Jeff Petescia, and Steve Shimchick. All three Jersey natives came together via various gatherings at Rutgers University. Through a series of flannel based jam sessions their music magic was created. Collaborating their way into the scene by doing open mic performances, they eventually decided to make this a regular thing as Cold Weather Company. Their name formation was made in part due to a series of random searches online which led to a physical scroll of possible names. I was lucky enough to see the actual document during our conversation (awesome band memorabilia folks, look for it on eBay someday). The ideal band name came later as the trio decided to focus on who they were and what they wanted people to know about them as a musical unit. Brian shared how the name formation came about; “as we started making music during chilly and gloomy weather the friendship among the three of us started to feel like a true camaraderie,” hence the essence of Cold Weather Company was born.

After the name game discussion was complete, we naturally went around our computer screens and admired the other’s vast poster collection. With the inspiration of Coldplay, Dispatch, Daft Punk and countless others on their wall, we had a lot to talk about. We also got into a brief tale of woe on the account that The Allman Brothers Band was no more! They performed their last show right across the street from my apartment at The Beacon Theater and I missed it! Brian, Jeff and Steve were very patient as I conveyed my dismay at that notion, I must commend them on that. As usual, I digress, my apologies folks!

Finally, after my little spiel ended, we then moved onto some of the band’s tunes. I chose my favorite song of theirs to talk about. Horizon Fire, (originally made out to be ‘her eyes on fire’) is a fantastic tune from the group. It is actually the first song written by the band and was what piqued my interest in them from the start. The song follows a story of Brian’s in which a couple is in the beginning of a relationship. For some reason fear and excitement suddenly sprung up in the mind of the guy during an evening by the water. He does not know what is going to happen in the midst of a romantic New Jersey sunset with this girl. While the sun sets he starts freaking out in his own head and starts trying to define himself. This is a strange and in-depth revelation of a young man’s self-discovery brought to the surface by young love. Deep stuff, I know, just give it a listen please.

While the trio is still young, they are still looking for the main theme in their music. There will be a significant change of pace in their next album. Cold Weather Company plans to share an overall form of story-based music focused on the struggle on what is real within personal self-discovery. That, ‘Wow,’ moment is bound to come soon from these hard working musicians. A hopeful notion lies within their music methodology as they continue their soul searching. “We need to figure out what we want and what will be best for our collective as we move forward, “ says Brian confidently. Steve also mentions that, “we want to experiment with more sounds and explore other stuff out there while keeping true to our core.” Staying true to that unbreakable bond can be a difficult task, however, it seems to be working out well for them. I am confident that their music prowess will resume mainly due to their fascination with the New Jersey landscape in which they find a majority of their inspiration. Nature surrounds the state of the New Jersey superb and fascination grows with each new pocket they discover. “Nobody seems to appreciate the spaces that are available,” shares Brian, “there are stories everywhere to be told.” Songs are already in place just waiting for musicians to translate and interpret them to the masses. They consider themselves the reverse of Bruce Springsteen, who tends to focus on the New Jersey workingman and overall city life. Cold Weather Company focuses on a side of New Jersey rarely shown, the natural escapism element that is strong within.

If you want to find the band playing live, just head over to Hidden Grounds Coffee Shop. That is the band’s favorite venue in New Jersey and has been home to some of their best shows to date. What make the place worthwhile are the fans who attend. These people sincerely care about the music and the intimate connection of the small space makes it one to remember. With little amplification and uncomfortable crowds, people have no choice but to interact and live in that moment with the music. A personal experience takes place and Cold Weather Company provides excitement and memories for all who enjoy it.

Cold Weather Company plans on finishing their next album and then will see how for they can go. They must keep a level and realistic head as they choose to either make this music business a full time gig or to simply keep it a hobby. They hope to try and tour and spread their music around to other fans. “I got a weird chill just now, “ says Brian, “because a year ago we were at the same spot planning our music and now we are being interviewed and making an album! Man, time has really flown by.” A lot can happen in a year. Personally, I think Cold Weather Company can definitely do a ton of amazing things in the music world. With a collection of talent, there is no telling where they can go. Musical adventures are waiting to be had and they are the perfect men for it. Give them a listen folks and I think you will agree.

See below for some great music just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Jam on.




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