Interview: Jinx

Photo Credit - Hayley Young

Looking for a new music idol to follow? Just take a look and listen to the wickedly cool Jinx, the new ‘it’ man hitting the scene. Whether he is sporting his snazzy yellow suit or simply rapping his way to a city near you, he is not a dude to miss. If you are wondering who this man is all about, he is creating a musical legacy. As a hardworking musician, Jinx took some time right before the Thanksgiving holiday to chat with yours truly. What was anticipated to be a short interview due to the fact that I was taking up this man’s Friday plus expensive studio recording time, ended up being a fantastic and intellectual discussion about music and life. To note, this may have been one of the best interviews to date.

I was first introduced to Jinx via his new music video, Alive, in which he raps in the best yellow suit I have ever seen. Think ‘Big Bird Yellow’ as the color scheme for this. For reference, it is the equivalent to the Michael Jackson Thriller jacket for Jinx. Through a series of dull and systematic events, Jinx uses his music to bring life back into the mundane. This can be heard in both his music and the video itself. Since this was only the second music video Jinx had ever done, it was nerve wrecking at times to shoot. Alive was filmed in an entirely different video style than what he was used to. Oh, I forgot to mention it needed to be completed in one day! Luckily, the people Jinx worked with were real easy going and professional, so everything came along smoothly. “It didn’t feel like work at all,” said Jinx, “I loved it.” Well, another thing that helped was that the video is directed by Adam Leeman and Jon Jon Augustavo. Jon Jon is known for  directing Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”, “Can’t Hold Us”, and “Same Love” music videos)! So in the end, he was in good hands.

Jinx’s unbelievable passion for his craft is clearly visible early on in our conversation. He tells me about a time when his best friend asked him the most profound question in regard to his music career. “He asked me, if money didn’t exist what would you be doing? Well, I said rapping and making music all the way! I had worked several jobs before landing on music and I can tell you right now if you are not doing what you love, it’s simply not worth it.” His buddy’s enlightened question made Jinx realize he was doing his dream gig. He admits the business of music can be arduous and time consuming, but when he is working on something he loves, it is a piece of cake.

Jinx was introduced to music early on via the ever-permeating pop of Michael Jackson. He remembers dancing around his aunt and eventually singing into a toy microphone, a tradition that has now been proudly passed onto Jinx’s daughter! Another source of musical inspiration came from his uncle, who would sit down and rap with a tape recorder. His uncle further supported Jinx’s future love for music as he aspired to emulate this musical style. Family is extremely important for Jinx. In fact, his name, ‘Jinx,’ is actually a proud family name and a tradition he has since transitioned into his music. When Jinx was 13 he was inspired by Eminem and he knew right then and there that he wanted to record music. Jinx reminisces on a day at McDonalds in which he said to his mom, “I’m gonna make you rich with my music.” This man has big plans and is adamant on making them happen. His ambition has never disappeared since that day. Even when the music business gets too crazy and hectic he repeats a simple phrase; “if this was not hard, then everybody would be doing it.” Despite the fact that he had the worst show of his career opening for Wiz Khalifa, he still kept his head high and completely rocked out the following gig in Eugene, Oregon. He is a hard worker that will do whatever it takes to do his best and is prepared for eventual failures in-between. He has never looked back since.

Jinx’s main inspiration comes from an eclectic mix of musicians such as; Jay-Z, Kanye, John Lennon and Billy Joel, to name a few. This combination of musical genres builds upon his whole unique flow. He tries to stick with his own thing despite what critics might say. “I don’t care about making an urban record or catering to the “urban” platform just because I’m black and I happen to rap.” replies Jinx, “I care about creating moments and experiences that come from my music.” Right on bud, that is what holds sway for this musician. He wants listeners in the year 3089 to be able to enjoy his music someday, music that will stand the test of time. If that success can happen, he has made music history. He understands the power of music and art and hopes that the messages and moments created can be a force for change in this historical endeavor. If one thinks about it, he is already making himself immortal with his music in the digital world. No matter what, his voice and lyrics will be heard by generations whether he knows it or not.

Overall, Jinx is just a cool guy to talk to. He is extremely kind and vividly articulate in his music theory and detailed stories. Success can come to anyone who works hard for their worth, that has always been the American way. However, it often takes another dose of character and persona that can build the ideal candidate. Jinx is one of those successful examples. Through his art and likable demeanor he has nowhere to go but up. His family, fans and countless others will appreciate his music and hopefully see a glimpse of this man’s character as his star begins to shine from here on out. What I loved about this guy was that he was genuinely curious to learn more about me, the interviewer! I don’t know about you, but that is unheard of. For example, we discussed in great length the fact that I am the third Buffalo Bills fan he has ever met! What started off as an intense and emotional talk about music turned into an elaborate account on football. That is the kind of man Jinx is. It really was a special treat to shoot the bull with this musician. I highly recommend following up with this guy and learning more about what he all about. We will be hearing more from him in the coming years, I guarantee it.

Jam on.

Photo Credit to Hayley Young.