Interview: Mizgin

Tuesday evening I had the pleasure to meet with this bombshell musician downtown. Yet again, Big Picture Media was gracious enough to have me come by and talk with the star at their awesome offices, right near K Town! Go to Bunn in that area, it will be a delight food wise. After wandering through the shivering breezy streets, I finally arrived to the warm spacious location to speak with Mizgin. “What is your favorite kind of fish?” That was the one question that should have been asked first when I met with the Swedish pop goddess. Now that I think about it, she might have gotten a kick out of the question. Oh well, kept it classy this time around.

For those of you who do not know about Mizgin, prepare yourselves. She is quickly going to enter the mainstream as the next pop icon. With her sexy flair and passion for music, she is a woman to marvel at. Mizgin greeted me with a kind smile and introduced me to her entourage that had joined her for this occasion, photographer included. It was rather intimidating to be asking questions with everybody listening in. No worries for Mizgin though, she was completely transfixed on my beard, oh and of course our conversation. Although, I bet if it was not for the beard, they would not have let me in! Anyways, Mizgin was even more beautiful in person as we sat down to chat. Her gorgeous dark hair was in a ponytail and she had a lovely leopard scarf on. She sat comfortably calm on the couch, legs crossed and put all of her attention on me. Probably the most captivating part of Mizgin is her eyes. She has this penetrating stare that casts you under her spell in a heartbeat. Needless to say, she won me over the second I sat down.

We started our conversation on what had brought her to New York City during this nasty weather. Apparently, she is hard at work on her next music video, which remains a mystery in detail. All she shared was that it is a song about love. “I am not going to say it’s about good love or bad love, just love,” she shared. Well, fans will be pleased I am sure. To bring you up to speed, Mizgin is no stranger to superb music videos. Her hit, “Get You Off,” went viral and is filled with a catchy tune complimented by Mizgin’s pure sexiness. Watch it and tell yourself otherwise. Interestingly enough, Mizgin heard the song via the producing duo Kama, and set off to make it hers. “I heard it and immediately wanted to make it my own and to add my touch to it,” Mizgin states, “It was a song that I wanted.” Well, she succeeded with flying colors. The video is raw and offers a satisfying sound with eye candy for all.

Due to its risqué nature, it did initiate a lot of reactions both positive and negative. Many viewers were in awe of the S & M theme within and enjoyed it immensely. Negative viewers were mainly offended by the content and messages being stated. Luckily, that did not phase her, “I am glad that it got reactions,” she happily said, “even if its good or bad reactions, they are still reactions.” True indeed, she created quite a commotion with the video and it spurred conversations across the globe. Using the success and firepower of “Get You Off,” her next video will be completely different with a new theme. If “Get You Off” was a smash, fans will be sure to enjoy her next big bang. Keep an eye out for it!

We discussed more about her craving for music, of which she has been fascinated with since she was eight or nine years old. She fell in love with the 90s with acts such as the Fugees. On that note, her ideal musical collaboration would be with Lauren Hill. A Mizgin and Lauren duet would be amazing. Hopefully, she keeps that dream alive. Since then, her taste has been quite eclectic with Kanye West being another influence as an adult. Mizgin works hard and does not hesitate to let it be known. “I am working on music all the time. I don’t plan on doing anything else. I am married to music and will never divorce it.” Well, she was not lying, over the course of our talk; she proudly kept reiterating that point. In her free time, she even locks herself in her room and just listens to music for as long as she can. That’s a hard worker right there. Mizgin is planning on making a full album and hopes to include some urban remixes as well as live and unplugged samples along the way. Whatever she has, she will unveil addictive tunes for listeners to rejoice in.

Fortunately, she also has lot of support from her family, which helps her stay grounded as she creates and performs her music. Her sister, who is one out of four siblings, was in the room with us and was here in the States to help Mizgin as she completed her video and met with bearded reporters. Another support line is Mizgin’s parents. They have always said to her, “If you love it, do it,” a motto Mizgin has surely lived by. Despite her comments on being shy and not a social person, I feel that people just want to be around her. It is not just her beauty, but rather her kind demeanor and unique passion for her career that attracts others easily. Plus, she has that remarkable confidence that always works like a charm.

As we ended our conversation we touched base on the Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry. Mizgin enjoyed it; especially the big chess board scene and of course, Missy Elliott’s grand return. After seeing Mizgin’s performance on her music video and a bit of her persona, she may be great halftime show material someday. We shall see. Before she reaches that level she will continue to make great music and videos to touch the masses and make the world fall in love with her. A task, she is well prepared for.


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