Katie Miller Track Review “What You See” Album Release Tomorrow


“What You See” by Katie Miller from A New Day

Track Review:

The harmonica leads the listener into Katie Miller’s psyche. Paired with an interesting combination of instruments such as the acoustic bass, the electric guitar, and soft percussion, “What You See” is a rejuvenating piece of folk-rock. Miller’s ability to pair “forgotten” instruments into music is sure to set her apart in the indie-folk-rock world. Finding inspiration and motivation from external influence, Miller’s muse whispered the secret of life into her ear. She says, “You were the carpenter that had the plan to restore what had been lost for far too long. You took the pieces that had all crumbled down and you gave them hope.” Her muse looked at her broken pieces – what she thought were flaws – and saw perfection and purpose. The secret is erasing self-doubt. Hope and belief are the remedies for wandering souls. When one fails to believe in the self, the world is a scary place. Miller, with assistance from the muse, recreated herself with his momentum and vision in mind. His belief in her made everything come into being. She notes the muse as the true artist: the one who saw beauty in past chaos, the one who infused her with hope. The muse granted freedom of self, and Katie Miller is soaring on her inventive creativity.

Album Release:

A New Day releases tomorrow, 25 March 2016. Pre-order available on BandCamp, click HERE ~ Katie Miller donates 50% of the proceeds to Canadian Mental Health Association – Saskatchewan Division {MTF}. Much respect goes to Humanitarian Artists and the power of music to move masses.

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