The Peanuts Comics With The Smiths Lyrics Was Killed By The Smiths

tumblr_mr8jqgiVGw1seji43o1_500This Charming Charlie, a perfect juxtaposition of the bittersweet Peanuts with the poignant lyrics of The Smiths, was killed by The Smiths. Don’t worry, they’re not back together, just when they need to lawyer up.

“The Smiths licensing company (Universal Music Publishing Group) has started requesting posts be removed from This Charming Charlie. So far 6 posts have been removed, and it is increasing every hour. If you like the page, please save copies of the comics to your own computer.

 It was fun while it lasted, I wish Morrissey and Marr were a bit more understanding.”

So, yeah, you can go ahead and download all the ones that are still available here.

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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Juke the Tiger – Dancetoon


Hala – Feels Like Yesterday


Indigo De Souza – Hold U


Elita – Sour Switchblade

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