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  • Interview: Night Moves
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    Interview: Night Moves

    Q: Let’s start by talking about your new album Pennied Days. How do you feel you have evolved or transformed as artists since Colored Emotions? How much would you say you experimented with this new record? A: I would say we have progressed a great deal since our first album, Colored Emotions.  Firstly, as a singer my voice has become more […] More

  • Interview: Ali Kouri of The Day Dreamers
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    Interview: Ali Kouri of The Day Dreamers

    I had the opportunity to talk with Ali Kouri, guitarist and vocalist in The Day Dreamers, about their debut album, All Through the Night, which hits iTunes stores today, April 22nd. Q: Let’s start by overwhelming you with questions about the debut release! All Through the Night drops today on iTunes. How does it feel to finally be releasing music […] More

  • Kianna Alarid of Tilly & The Wall Discusses Her New Band: Yes You Are
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    Kianna Alarid of Tilly & The Wall Discusses Her New Band: Yes You Are

    I had the honor of talking to Kianna Alarid, vocalist of Tilly & The Wall, to discuss her exciting, new musical project, Yes You Are. Check out Yes You Are on their website and through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Q: Let’s start with introductions and talk about the band — who’s a part of it? Who […] More

  • Interview: Anni
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    Interview: Anni

    After getting the pleasure to listen and review her album, we got the privilege to talk a bit to Helsinki songstress, Anni. Nicole Scott: Do you remember the moment you knew you needed to write Redemption Street? Was there an “a-ha” moment or was it always a work-in-progress? Anni: There’s always a million ideas and […] More

  • Interview: Dan Koch of Sherwood

    Interview: Dan Koch of Sherwood

    I recently got the pleasure of talking to Dan Koch, guitarist of Sherwood. Their newest album Some Things Never Leave You just released through Bad Christian. Nicole Scott: What is unique about Some Things Never Leave You compared to all your other work? Dan Koch: Lyrically, it is much more focused.  We are older, and we know what we […] More

  • VanLadyLove Announce Tour

    VanLadyLove Announce Tour

    VanLadyLove gets in the van. VanLadyLove has just released their new Alive EP on iTunes and Spotify. To celebrate, they are going on tour which was just announced. The EP is high-energy, a great addition to their discography. The harmonies are on point as well as the pacing and consistent crescendos begging for sing alongs and active […] More

  • Lana Del Rey – “Super Movie”
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    Lana Del Rey – “Super Movie”

    Lana Del Rey has tons of unheard demos; here’s one of them. It’s certain someone like Lana Del Rey, with her discography, has many unheard tracks. There has not been a compilation of b-sides or anything of the sort yet, but a song entitled “Super Movie” was leaked recently for fans to hear. The track […] More

  • Chance The Rapper Announces Festival

    Chance The Rapper Announces Festival

    Chance the Rapper continues blowing minds with his own personal music festival. If Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper isn’t one of 2016’s biggest breakouts, there is nothing else to define that category. With this behind him, he has now taken it upon himself to throw his own music festival called “Magnificent Coloring Day.” Though it is […] More

  • DJ Khaled Expectations for Panorama Festival
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    DJ Khaled Expectations for Panorama Festival

    From DJ to Snapchat, from music to Panorama Festival 2016. Many people know DJ Khaled for his music. Many people know him for his famous Snapchat advice. It is inarguable to say that DJ Khaled has made a certain image for himself, especially with his publicity and marketing via the micro-social media app. But, there […] More

  • Screaming Females – “Skeleton”
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    Screaming Females – “Skeleton”

    Screaming Females revive an already great record. Rose Mountain, Screaming Females last record, was already critically acclaimed. It was one of the top punk albums of 2015, and now that the cult punk threesome is touring internationally, they have made a re-release of the record with bonus tracks. “Skeleton” is one of them, and the audio […] More

  • Panorama Festival 2016: Why Melanie Martinez is Perfect for Panorama
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    Panorama Festival 2016: Why Melanie Martinez is Perfect for Panorama

    How do people get picked to perform at festivals? Panorama Festival’s inaugural show is about to happen, and they have to define themselves in a unique way in the festival world. The obvious goal is to get the most popular and talented artists to be the showcase. Melanie Martinez not only fits those criteria, as […] More

  • Panorama Festival 2016: Getting to Know: Oh Wonder
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    Panorama Festival 2016: Getting to Know: Oh Wonder

    Make friends with Oh Wonder before seeing them at Panorama. Oh Wonder is making an appearance at this year’s Panorama Festival. It’s impossible to know every band appearing at a festival, so allow us to give you a brief introduction to Oh Wonder. Oh Wonder is Josephine and Anthony, a pop music duo based out […] More

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