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    Alec Baldwin to Kill Carson Daly for Late Night Spot

    There can be only ONE!!!!! NBC is in the middle of a late night shakeup, and are replacing (in 2014) the complacently bland Jay Leno with the extremely likable (and bland) Jimmy Fallon. The 1:30 AM time slot is also about to get more competitive, as Alec Baldwin is in talks to replace Carson Daly. This will […] More

  • Pacific Rim – Movie Trailer

    Pacific Rim – Movie Trailer

    Guillermo Del Toro is back motherfuckers! I’m sorry but in my mind I yelled that through a megaphone at you. After Guil, (we’re Bro’s) left “The Hobbit” clusterfuck in 2010, which he was intended to direct, he cleared his schedule to direct the upcoming “Pacific Rim”. Now I know what you’re thinking, “What could be […] More

  • World War Z : Movie Trailer

    World War Z : Movie Trailer

         It is finally here. And boy does it look disappointing! For those of you that don’t know, “World War Z” is an adaptation of the book written by Max Brooks (Son of Mel), who also wrote “The Zombie Survival Guide”. “World War Z” was written in 2006, and the rights to the movie […] More

  • Stolen – Movie Trailer
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    Stolen – Movie Trailer

         I know this movie isn’t coming out for several weeks, but I can’t control myself because Nicolas Cage is back! After an excruciating 7 month long wait, the Nicolas Cage moviemaking machine has returned with “Stolen”. The film reunites Nicolas Cage and Simon West, the director of the classic movie, “Con Air”. Now I […] More

  • A Weekend in Movies, End of Summer Edition!
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    A Weekend in Movies, End of Summer Edition!

    You know what kind of movies come out at the end of August? Shitty ones. So shitty they put both “Based on a True Story” Possession stories one week apart. Do you know why? Because no one cares in August. If you called Hollywood right now, you would get a voicemail. The next batch of […] More

  • Sight Unseen: Sparkle
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    Sight Unseen: Sparkle

    Oh Thank the Lord, we’re at that time of year again, Mid to late August! The time of year when all of the movie studios have run out of their “Steak dinner” Blockbusters (The Dark Knight Rises, Ted), and now we’re stuck with meatloaf left overs (Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, The Odd Life […] More

  • Tweets of the Week, Friday the 13th Edition! #Tweeks

    Tweets of the Week, Friday the 13th Edition! #Tweeks

    Enjoy this week’s best Tweets. Sure they’re old and stale since they’re a couple days old, but now they can be considered vintage!! #VintageTweets!! Edward Scissorhands was beaten mercilessly by the school bully, Edward Rockhands — Megan Amram (@meganamram) July 10, 2012 When life gives you lemons, continue waiting for a man to come along […] More

  • SIght Unseen: “Katy Perry Part of Me (in 3D)”
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    SIght Unseen: “Katy Perry Part of Me (in 3D)”

    Reviewing movies AFTER you’ve seen them is easy. “Hey, look at me, I’m going to base my opinions of this movie on scenes I saw.” Yeah well fuck you, Ebert.  I’m sorry, this got real awkward fast. That’s why us here at Punchland are reviewing movies “Sight Unseen”. Which is reviewing movies before seeing them, […] More

  • Sight Unseen: “Louie” Season 3 Premiere
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    Sight Unseen: “Louie” Season 3 Premiere

    Sight Unseen is a new review system, where  movies and TV shows are reviewed without having seeing them. The first one in this new series is tonight’s Season 3 premiere of “Louie”. Being a huge fan of seasons 1&2, and everything Louis CK has put out (except for Pootietang), I personally guarantee a great episode […] More