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  • INTERVIEW – BAO’s Perpetual Heartbreak
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    INTERVIEW – BAO’s Perpetual Heartbreak

    After a number of successful art-house and commercial projects over the last two decades, (including the synth-pop duo Ming & Ping), BAO is coming out from behind the curtain and taking center stage with his first solo album Perpetual Heartbreak, an accumulation of everything he’s learned and been influenced by over the course of a […] More

  • Tricky Came By: Don’t Be Scared
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    Tricky Came By: Don’t Be Scared

    Just before the cinematic purple and green lights come on at Webster Hall, it’s revealed that Tricky is already onstage. Swaying to the beat of a mix sampling the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These,” wearing a white tank top and dark sweatpants, his back is to the crowd. It’s one of the last […] More

  • Hypernatural
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    Leshy 3, from Natural Drag Series, pastel on black paper, 32 x 49 inches, 2015 by Malena Amaranta Tall, dark, and handsome … that’s Zachari Logan! The soft-spoken Canadian artist looks like a Greek sculpture from the Met, as is apparent in his nude self-portraits. Hailing from Saskatoon, Canada, Logan has had his work exhibited internationally […] More

  • It’s starting to feel like another dimension….

    It’s starting to feel like another dimension….

      Why must they mess with such a classic over and over again? It’s starting to feel like another dimension in which television producers DO NOT LEARN!  Like people that are addicted to plastic surgery and don’t realize they were good looking before messing with their faces. Leave it alone! This is becoming a Twilight […] More

  • Great Scott! I Have An Idea For Batman!

    Great Scott! I Have An Idea For Batman!

      If the distinguished chin to show off under the mask is all that matters, we’ve already made that mistake when George Clooney was cast as Batman in the 90s, remember?   Ben Affleck is a very strange choice. He is handsome, has good acting skills, and has made both poor and great career choices […] More

  • Hey, you fucking vagina!
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    Hey, you fucking vagina!

      Yes yes… there were many vaginas during this night. But some were better than others.   The overall vibe of the night was pussy power. Fierce ladies were playing rock on the stage, and among the extremely young die-hard hipster fans there was an obvious abundance of girls in the room.   I had […] More

  • An Interview with Boogarins
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    An Interview with Boogarins

    We had a quick chat with the guys from Boogarins halfway through their long and impressive first international tour when they came to play Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.The down to earth, charming young men of Boogarins give us a small peek of their new world of touring and fame – and how it basically hasn’t […] More

  • Thank you!

    Thank you!

    I just want to wish you all a very Merry New Year’s from us little folk here at Punchland! I want to thank my lucky stars that I am not in freezing New York  – like the rest of the contributors. I would also like to thank you all for making “Staying Awake…” the most […] More

  • This Ain’t No Disco: CBGB Movie Review
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    This Ain’t No Disco: CBGB Movie Review

    Sadly, the movie CBGB seems to disappoint, as it could have been better. The story is really about the founder of the punk institution, Hilly Kristal, being poorly cast by the great Alan Rickman. Someone told me that Rickman stated in an interview that he knew little about the punk movement that came out of […] More

  • And They Say You Don’t Learn Anything in College…

    And They Say You Don’t Learn Anything in College…

      Some people say that college is just about drinking beer, sloppy sex and somehow getting a degree. But one young man learned a very valuable lesson recently (let’s hope). “Last week, a gross, rapey email sent to the entirety Georgia Tech’s Phi Kappa Tau fraternity by the house’s social chair went viral. Rightfully so; it […] More

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