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  • Weyes Blood: Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
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    Weyes Blood: Kraftwerk – Radioactivity

    Great video where you can actually see the magical drum pad they use–my favorite sequence is watching the thin chopstick like drumsticks change the envelope filter on the drum sound when he scrapes them against the pad. More

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    Weyes Blood Picks: Ween – Freedom of 76

    Ween is from where I’m from, and this video has all the local flavor you could ever wish for. This is a song for the city of brotherly love, and in encapsulates the soul there. Philadelphia is a true underdog city so any song dedicated to it I can get down with. More

  • Weyes Blood Picks: Roxy Music – Virginia Plain (LIVE TOTP)
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    Weyes Blood Picks: Roxy Music – Virginia Plain (LIVE TOTP)

    So magical to see Brian Eno dressed like a total freak, rocking the headiest synth in a glam rock band. All the elements I’d ever want to see are there, and its great to see how tight they were together. Brian Ferry’s mug is also particularly expressive. More