11 Clues That You Are Jason Sudeikis


Jason Sudeikis announced that he’s leaving SNL and this is a list that will let you know if you are indeed Jason Sudeikis.


1. Your full name is Daniel Jason Sudeikis.

2. You were on Letterman on 7/24/2013 “announcing” you’re leaving Saturday Night Live.

3. Your friends are always calling your “Jason Sudeikis.”

4. Your parents are called Kathryn and Daniel Joseph Sudeikis and you’re “OK” with that.

kansas5. Rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks sounds appealing to you.

George and Jason-thumb-290x217-4641
6. You call George Wendt, Norm from Cheers, “Uncle George.”

7. You would consider getting engaged to Olivia Wilde a “great” decision.

8. Dressing like the devil on live TV is amusing to you.

9. Your birth certificate says you are Daniel Jason Sudeikis and you go by Jason Sudeikis and people on the street recognize you as Jason Sudeikis.

And two other things. You get the point.