Northside Festival: Flavors of Pop to Blow Your Mind

8 Alternating Flavors

of Pop-Rock


Because Pop cannot be all Bubblegum and Sunshine,

the Music Gods Granted Humanity with


1.  “Every Night You’ve Got to Save Me (Official Video)” by Mass Gothic:

Stereogum premiered Mass Gothic’s video in January 2016. Chris DeVille said, “[‘Every Night You’ve Got to Save me (Official Video)’ is] a jaunty pop track with shades of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, the New Pornographers, and the Shins. The song is incredibly winsome on its own, and the effect is only amplified by director Addison Post’s video, which features Heroux and Zambri chilling in NYC locales ranging from bar to sidewalk to bathtub” (Stereogum).

Northside Festival: Friday, 10 June 2016, @ Shea Stadium, 10:00>11:00. Click HERE to purchase a ticket.


2.  “Blazed (Official Music Video)” by BoyToy:

Punchland premiered “Blazed (Official Music Video)” in September 2014. Josh Schneider said, “Similar to that insane single take action sequence from True Detective, but less violent, “Blazed” is a loosely choreographed long take following the journey of a joint from the backstage to the backseat of a cherry red beach-buggy” (Noisey).

Northside Festival: Saturday, 11 June 2016, @ Our Wicked Lady, 9:30>10:30. Click HERE to purchase tix.



3.  “Out of My Mind (Music Video)” by Shadow Monster from Residual Ghost:

Noting Shadow Monster as “a memoir of sorts,” Emillie Marvel posted a quote to describe the piece: “Out Of My Mind is the second single from Residual Ghost, an album about isolation, loss, and the ever-present aftershock echoing from traumatic memories. Out Of My Mind specifically explores the demons that live inside of us as a result” (Idobi).

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016, @ Pete’s Candy Store 10:00>11:00. Click HERE for directory.

4.  “Who’s Going to Love me Now?” by We are Temporary:

The emotion inflicted by We are Temporary is hard to ignore. Jim F. said, “It’s a genuinely sad and affecting song, the delicate melodic lines offering little hope for the future, or hint at an answer to Roberts’ emotive, almost anguished questioning. It builds to the chorus’, but still sounds melancholy, even when Roberts implores from a higher octave” (BackSeatMafia).

Northside Festival: Saturday, 11 June 2016, @ Matchless 8:30>9:15. Click HERE to view directory.


5.  “Something on Your Mind” by Secret Nudist Friends from Something on Your Mind/Pay for Your Plans:


Demonstrating an almost tropical twang, Secret Nudist Friends created an upbeat song to partner the problem with communication in relationships. Vocally, the lyrics take command. The vocalist’s raspy voice is mirrored with guitar effects of psychedelic proportions. “Something on Your Mind” is a fun song to address interpersonal relationships.

Northside Festival: Saturday, 11 June 2016, @ Gold Sounds 3:50>4:35 and Sunday 12 June 2016, @ Muchmore’s 5:00>5:30. Click HERE for the directory.

6.  “Modern World (Official Video)” by Wolf Parade from Apologies to the Queen Mary (Deluxe Edition):

Wolf Parade declared a return not a reunion. Ben Kaye said, “Call it a matter of phrasing, but Wolf Parade never actually broke up; they simply took an “indefinite hiatus.” And those words seem to actually mean something” (CoS).

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ McCarren Park 8:30>9:30. Click HERE to purchase tix.

And then there was Reduction with



7.  “Manic” by Prince Innocence:

Rawiya Kameir quoted Prince Innocence in an email discussion:  “‘Manic’ is about the experience of hypomania and the emergence from a depressive episode…It tries to convey the lush, cinematic lens through which someone in that state sees and interacts with the world. At the same time, there’s a dark recognition of the universality and banality behind these moments. It’s definitely one of our most sexually-charged songs and is in pretty huge contrast to ‘I Don’t Care,’ which was an ode to apathy” (TheFader).

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ Union Pool 8:30>9:30. Click HERE to purchase tix.

8.  “Ambulance” by Russian Baths:

Sadie Bell said, “Ambulance” creates an ambient wash of artfully loud rock music, pushed and pulled by lulling vocals and echoing yet powerful riffs. As the drums undulate between a steady beat and intense onslaughts that come crashing down, “Ambulance” weaves in and out of hypnotic moments of organized chaos, creating a sound not unlike a siren’s strong, definitive pattern” (Stereogum).

Northside Festival: Friday, 10 June 2016 @ Muchmore’s 3:30>4:15. Click HERE for directory.


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