Review: Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful Full Length Album Debut



Even the title has lyrical rhythm. This American rapper hailing from Flushing, Queens, New York is no stranger to the rap scene. This fact is transparently demonstrated in the first song of his new upcoming debut album of Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson, Actin Crazy. With big names such as, three time Grammy Award winner Mark Ronson and featuring multiple guest spots including Chance the Rapper, Party Supplies, Big Body Bes and Meyhem Lauren. There’s no doubt that the vintage feel has been achieved from years in the industry.

There’s a few thing I would like to bring up critically. First being the album artwork, this cartoonish display of things that are interpreted as being cool so people look at the picture and think “that’s a shark with lasers, that’s sick” seems to be wearing thin. Take a look at a few different album artworks I assure you that you’ll find something with laser cats, laser eyes,or even jesus shooting down alien spaceships. With, you guessed it, lasers.

Secondly, where the album artwork lacks, the background pads, doused in high attack (attack is an attribute that allows a sound to come in gradually) gives it a benign texture. Accompanied with gentle horns your ears succumb to that genuine feel.

Lastly, critically, I have little to analyze concerning the lyrics. This type of rap that speaks of opportunity knocking and living the life of rags to riches, requires a different type of critique. The sounds need to reflect with his voice and those two components lead to atmosphere. That feeling is really what you want to be looking at. I believe I already mentioned that they accomplished this well.

Overall the track is an easy listening. Kick back, think about your dreams, get out there and act a little crazy. However if you did really enjoy the track, good news, there’s twelve more songs coming March 24th.

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By lifemusic: @thhulsmans