Alvin Risk at Webster Hall


Electronic producer, singer and songwriter Alvin Risk appeared at Webster Hall’s weekly Friday night dance party on January 16th. Girls and Boys, as the event is known, hosts some of the biggest rising names in the EDM world (Knife Party will throw down on the 23rd), but Risk’s show was even more impressive as he was featuring songs from Venture, the EP he released on Memory LTD in November.

When Risk wasn’t blasting the audience with remixes of songs such as “We are Young” and the theme to Legend of Zelda, he was serenading the room with his own heartfelt lyrics.

Unfortunately, most of the audience seemed more concerned with hearing another  epic drop from Risk rather than his emotional vocals; perhaps the sudden tempo changes would be more appropriate in a less four on the floor, dance-obsessed environment?

Nevertheless, Risk soldiered on and slayed the crowd that had… erm… ventured out of their tiny apartments on the blisteringly cold night. Also appearing with Risk this past Friday were Kodak to Graph and Jai Wolf, as well as resident DJs Alex English, Dali and Hiyawatha.