An Interview With Chico Dub

Tell our friends in New York City who is Chico Dub?

I am a cultural producer and curator born in Rio de Janeiro. My specialty is experimental music, avant-garde music and new trends.

When we say the name Chico Dub there’s no way to separate the Novas Frequencias Festival. How did it start? When was the first edition?

The festival was born in 2011 through a partnership with Tathiana Lopes, a cultural producer here in Rio. I felt the lack of an international festival that was seeking innovative and challenging artists with sonorous proposals and then I created the Novas Frequencias Festival.

What is your vision for the new editions of the festival? What will happen in the 2014 edition?

The festival has grown significantly in the past year, increasing the number of venues and developments. In addition to the concerts, we produced an event and a series of discussions on contemporary music – the “Talking Sounds” – in partnership with the British Council.

In 2014 we will grow further. For now I can only say that it will happen from December 1st to the 14th, which already gives you an idea of the amount of things that we will perform.

Where else have the Novas Frequencias Festival been hosted?

There were 3 editions in Rio de Janeiro (2011, 2012 and 2013) plus a pocket edition in São Paulo (2012). There are plans for more small editions in other cities in Brazil and abroad too.

What is the public’s reaction to the festival?

The feedback is fantastic. The public understood the concept of the festival since the beginning, including watching the shows often without knowing the artist beforehand but knowing that the experience will be interesting.

What would you say is the conceptual proposal of it?

Curated focused on the production of experimental music and avant-garde connected to new musical trends. Always with artists who have never played in Brazil.

You are also part of Sonar São Paulo, no? Tell us a little about the experience of being involved with it.

I was involved in editing the festival in 2012, the largest ever produced outside Barcelona, where I worked in the curatorial teams and communication. It was, until then, the highlight of my career, an incredible opportunity which opened several doors. This year I worked for the Sónar Barcelona, ​​writing the biographies of the artists.

How do you find bands in your curatotial process? I believe there are many bands that sound great, but on stage are disappointing.

You need to watch a huge amount of shows, DJ sets and lives, so I go out a lot and usually travel to at least 2 festivals abroad per year. Even so, I end up bringing people who I have never seen live by account of reviews, videos on the internet and comments from friends and artistic directors of other festivals.

Because of the near omnipresence of digital, I think we live in an era where experiencing things in person is crucial. So it is very important to offer the public something that moves them deeply.

What are your plans for global domination? I saw that Spin did an article with the Hy Brazil Vol 4. (Hy Brazil Vol. 5 is already out) Tell us to us a bit more about this project.

Hy Brazil is a compilation series that aims to map the new production of electronic music and experimental music produced in Brazil. Every volume has 14 unreleased tracks by 14 artists. And I always have an exclusive exposure deal with some gringo site, such as Spin, Resident Advisor and the Dummy Mag. That’s because I really want to shine a light on these artists and consequently make our contemporary music better known abroad. Volume 5 is coming out soon via Tiny Mix Tapes.

What about your other projects? What’s Chico Dub cooking after the World Cup?

I’m working on a very important project until September, but unfortunately I cannot comment on it. In parallel, we continue with the Hy Brazil and perhaps more events inspired by it. Might do something music related during the Week of Art in Rio in September. And there’s the 4th edition of the Novas Frequencias Festival in December – I’m already working on it going strong!

Last question: what is the lineup of your dreams?

Earth, Swans, Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Ben Frost, Shackleton, Nozinja, Charlemagne Palestine, Pauline Olivier, Lonnie Holley, The Caretaker

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