An Interview With Far From Alaska
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An Interview With Far From Alaska

Far From Alaska is Emmily Barreto(vocals), Cris Botarelli(synth), Lauro Kirsch(drums), Rafael Brasil(Guitar) and Eduardo Filgueira(bass). They are a sludge-fuzzed-grungey outfit that hails from Natal in the northeast of Brazil with stomper that are gonna leave you with ears very happy. Thought I was going somewhere else, huh? They’re freshman album, modeHuman is out and you should really pay attention to this guys. Below you have an interview with them.

Let’s start at the beginning: who is Far From Alaska?

Far From Alaska is a rock band from Natal/RN (in Brazil), formed in 2012 by a very good group of people!

Have any of you been to Alaska?

No, we have never been, we have no relationship with that territory… But we would! Maybe one day we do a show there, right?

How did you come up with this name?

We spent a long while without a name and did not agree on any choice, we changed our name about 5 times until it reached a pivotal moment where the EP was about to be released and we had to make up our minds, then Emmily’s mom, knowing that something with “Alaska” was one of the options suggested in Portuguese even: – how about “longe do Alaska” (Portuguese for “far from Alaska”)? We liked it and we feel that it has everything to do with us, it was a happy choice.

What other names you considered for the band?

Wow, terrible names, like: You vs. Lion, Rabbit Frog Says, Beat Buffalo…

How did you guys meet?

We met in the Natal’s rock scene many years ago, we always had bands and were always part of the same group of friends.

How did you start the band?

We started the band in 2012 as a side project, and just for fun so Emmily could have a shot as a singer (she played the drums in another band with Cris, who played guitar).

What is Far From Alaska’s sound? What other bands would you say sound like Far From Alaska?

The sound of FFA is rock. You cannot label more than what it is, it’s rock music. It’s hard to say what sounds like Far From Alaska when the sound ended up being very very very very diluted in diverse influences. It was not on purpose, but at the end of the first compositions, we already noticed the sound would be big mix of things.

Tell us about the creation process of modeHuman.

The songs are part of the first phase of the band, where we got together in the studio and were composing for months. Not everything that was done is on the record. Some songs are unfinished, which is a shame; there are a lot of good things. But the end result is the tracks that we agreed on. It is very difficult to compose with this band, because we all like a lot of different things, so to please everyone we have to compromise.

Thievery is just such a powerful opener. It reminds me of stuff like Melvins, QOTSA, you know, sludgey, grungey kind of stuff. Do you identify with these bands?

Yes, quite, QOTSA by the way is one of the few bands we all like. That and things like Jack White. And Nirvana, of course.

Explain to us how you make a Far From Alaska song: who writes the lyrics, composes the music, etc.

The process of composing is almost random, but generally our guitarist arrives with some riffs and each one of us contemplates the way the song will flow. Because of this free flow it can be very difficult to focus, but on the other hand there are songs which were made ​​from a melody and were ready in two rehearsals. Basically everybody helps, which is heaven and hell at the same time when it comes to composing songs.

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