Best TV Shows to Watch Right Now

You want to know what TV show to stream next? Check our picks for the best TV shows right now.

How is your winter going? And how about this pandemic? If I had to guess the answer to both questions is terrible and awful, but not necessarily in this order. Me too. Samesies. Good thing we have TVs or computer or smart phones to curb this lack of enthusiasm.

Having said that, there is a ton of great and good and not so great, but very interesting TV shows happening right now-and look, I get it, it’s becoming increasingly harder to keep up with all of them, so our friends at HITPLAY are going to help us out. HITPLAY is here to take the anxiety out of choosing what to watch next. Check out these TV show recommendations for what to watch right now:

So there you have it. Literally things for (almost) every taste. Let us know what you have seen from this list and how you feel about it.

Tag Brum
Tag Brum

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