Chance the Rapper Makes Impact with “Coloring Book”



Chance the Rapper’s most recent mixtape Coloring Book has been a non-stop talk of the music world since the day it was released (and even before that). Even those who do not keep up with rap or hip-hop have heard of this breakout album and know it’s taking the world by storm.

There are constant articles and testimonies being given as to why Coloring Book is such a big deal. First, the most tangible and obvious, is how the album is the first record in history to chart in Billboard 200 that is exclusively streaming. It has been only on Apple Music, which is the even more impressive aspect about it. On May 27th, it will extend to other services, so its accessibility and popularity will only increase from there. The ability for it to have such a cult following at this point with, arguably, limited accessibility, is unheard of.

Coloring Book has also inspired a plethora of other artists. First and most notably, The Interns, famous for their DJ Khaled coloring book, have made a very apropos Chance the Rapper coloring book with fun illustrations.


An article on Spin makes the argument about how Chance’s record, compared to his successful counterparts, Drake and Kanye West, is the more optimistic perspective on the industry. The idea of fame being a type of disease has swept music since its inception, and has recently become a popular topic of tracks in recent years. Instead of whining about how bitterly unfair his life is because of his musical choices, he embraces it. Spin writes about the uniqueness of Chance by saying:

Chance’s Coloring Book does limit itself musically by using gospel as a creative crutch. But it is a religiously caked project that’s ostensibly about change — where we’ve been and where we are. It’s a polychromatic look at good fortune.

The accolades don’t stop. Though Chance is seen as young in the industry, he has life experience to prove he is a force to be reckoned with; a strong voice, and equally strong lyricism is all he needs.