Diane Coffee – “Everybody’s a Good Dog”



I bet you thought that 70’s glam rock in the likes of artists such as The Raspberries, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, etc. was dead, didn’t you? Well if you did and you have been sad about this, dry your tears! Former Disney voice talent Diane Coffee (aka Shaun Fleming and touring drummer for Foxygen) will be releasing his second album “Everybody’s a Good Dog” September 4th (and can be pre-ordered here) via Western Vinyl.

“Everybody’s a Good Dog” is as authentic to the early 70’s glam genre as one can possibly get. It emanates a certain sweetness to it while also having that old school R&B groove and melody that was crucial to the success of the artists who innovated the genre. The arrangements range from grandiose with tender vocals to down in the dirt gritty at times with fuzzy guitar.

NPR Music describes the album overall saying:

Aspiring to a ’70s ideal that rolls up sugarcoated bubblegum glam, soul balladry, Francophone pop and echoes of the Brill Building, Fleming finds the right notes of sincerity under all that artifice.

“Everybody’s a Good Dog” is as glossy and shiny as glam rock can possibly come these days. This album will easily be a great addition to your collection of old glam rockers.