DJ Khaled Expectations for Panorama Festival

From DJ to Snapchat, from music to Panorama Festival 2016.

Many people know DJ Khaled for his music. Many people know him for his famous Snapchat advice. It is inarguable to say that DJ Khaled has made a certain image for himself, especially with his publicity and marketing via the micro-social media app. But, there are some people who only know him in ten second intervals. The famous man of wisdom will be playing at Panorama’s debut show, and we can only guess what his show will include.

Confidence is “key.”

It’s no secret DJ Khaled is a confident soul. It’s seen in his Snapchat, but also in his music and career. Ignoring what information is solely in his social media, he just recently got the honor to perform as an opening act for Beyoncé in The Formation Tour. He said it was a major milestone in his career. With this type of publicity, by performing with one of the world’s largest celebrities, it’s bound to instill some on-stage confidence.

New music, new vibes.

His newest album, Major Key, comes out mere days after Panorama Festival 2016. Though the crowd will be excited by DJ Khaled’s presence alone, the arena will sure be abuzz with anticipation with sneak peaks on the new record. The new album has lots of collaborations with hip-hops biggest artists. So, performing new music may potentially be difficult, but fans would not put it past Khaled to be “the best” and make it work with what he has.


DJ Khaled has created a fanbase unlike any other. These fans are not only hyped, but they are inspired. His lyrics may seem rudimentary to some, but on a base level, the shows will encourage hands to be raised, lyrics to be yelled, and positivity to be shared.

Listen to “I Got the Keys” featuring Jay-Z and Future here:


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