Documentary Feature: Ray Hodge’s EP – ‘Braveheart’

Before everyone bustles out of the city for the holiday, listeners should take a minute and gather some new tunes. A musician who is supremely cool and hip, Ray Hodge, has just released his debut EP a few weeks ago called, ‘Braveheart,’ which touches on themes ranging from faith, hope, strength, overcoming all obstacles and learning to love yourself. Luckily, the man was able to give listeners a bit more than what they bargained for with a documentary pairing that showcases the work and emotion that went into creating the musically addictive EP.

Ray talked a bit on why he decided to add a visual backdrop alongside his new music. “My motivation for the ‘Braveheart’ EP documentary was for fans to see me in my mode. To hear and feel the meaning  behind the songs. To get to know who Ray Hodge is.” Listeners will see his kind and obvious dedication to his work from the start of the documentary to the end.

With his music, there is a clear theme within. “The message that I want to convey is a message of hope. One that says you’re not alone. One that says you are strong. A message that reminds you of your strength and where you can find that strength from.” Musical therapy at its best.

As an artist, there is usually a most enjoyable portion of the work they have created as well as the experience of the process itself. Ray gave a glimpse of it all from his perspective. “My favorite part of the EP music genre is that it’s not just one steady genre. Its indie, it’s soul and pop… Most of all it has raw emotion. To me it’s real. I bared pieces of my life for more than just myself…but for all that need to hear it.”

Ray’s soulful voice is what will be capturing listener’s ears straight away. The catchy music in the background only supports the man’s vocal range as he sweeps down to bring you up into some R&B paradise. Throughout the documentary, he is passionate in the art of music and expresses his desire openly to become a staple or ‘timeless’ artist within the craft. While that may seem ambitious overall, his tunes somehow have that ability to break the barrier of the mainstream. With the collection of catchy-pop licks, soulful lyrics and a danceable energy, Ray Hodge may become a household name for music fans everywhere.

His singing is almost spiritual with the harmonies and echoed flair. Ray’s optimistic appeal in his art helps propel him forward in a direction that he hopes to make his own. The craft is constantly evolving for the musician as he admits to wanting to learn more from the tools available to him. In fact, his ambition for this endeavor is what makes him a true artist in the end. A musician who wishes to test the limits is one who is ready to grow quickly and thoughtfully. The inspirational soul-pop artist that is Ray Hodge is surely a force to be reckoned with.

Below listeners can watch the mini documentary below detailing the making of Ray Hodge’s debut EP, ‘Braveheart.’

Part one:

Part two:

Jam On.

Photo Credit: Sam San Roman


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