Excited to Introduce, Cherokee Red


I am personally happy to introduce psychedelic folk band from Scranton/ Phila PA, Cherokee Red. First off I would like to mention that these guys are a complete DIY band and theres nothing I can appreciate more then a group without influence of a label breathing down their necks. That type of freedom is something that some people must sacrifice, however, with the talent behind this group I don’t think that they will be compromising their art for anyone.

Describing themselves as a Psychedelic Folk Band, watch for them in 2015 that much is certain. With their well produced sounds, dreamy vocals, and great, sometimes simple, catchy bass lines (*cough* Far From it) I immediately followed on soundcloud. I don’t want to rant about how much I like them because this isn’t a review, I just want to share with everyone who’s a reader the fresh, feel good vibe that these guys radiate.

I would highly recommend checking them out on social media:

Official Site

by lifemusic : @thhulsmans


Thomas Hulsmans
Thomas Hulsmans
Hey guys, I'm a small town producer up north.


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