Feature: ‘KINGS’ by Wayfarers


Winter Storm Stella, we see and feel you. After battening down the hatches and breaking out the bourbon, the  overhyped snow day was celebrated by many. A perfect pairing with such comforts is usually followed by some worthwhile tunes. Indie-pop duo Wayfarers, Katie Cecil and Anthony Purpura, were the musicians that helped listeners commemorate a final winter wonderland right. To add onto their growing discography, the two musicians have released a new track titled, KINGS. Wayfarers gave a better sense of KINGS and the little bits in between.

Thematically, KINGS has a certain optimistic flair that is precise in its aim. “We wanted to make a song that sort of took us back a couple decades, while staying current and catchy. It’s got a little disco-funk sound to it, but it’s still pop-rock and fits our vibe. The song is about letting loose and having fun! Getting your friends together, dancing and not caring what other people think or letting anyone stop you from having a good time.” Listeners can never have too many songs like that, bring it on.

Wayfarers’ music can be described as wildly pleasing and free-spirited. Funky elements can be heard clearly across most of their musical collection. For example, the vibrant song Just Our Style, is a prime example of the wonder they put out into the world in both mediums of song and video. Musically, the duo have their favorite moments for KINGS, which were simply put, “the bells at the beginning and [Anthony’s] guitar part throughout the whole song!” Give the track a listen below and join in:

Behold a glorious anthem for the ambitious dancer. Enthralling and scratchy vocals from Katie launch listeners into the crashing starting line. A thump of a bass line adds onto the constant groove. Catchy slight beats follow as the harmonized lyrics cause the head to bob immediately. A strange flicker of wails linger in the chorus as sudden crashes join in the entertainment. Snapping fingers and tapping of the feet take over here. Katie remains captivating as the exhilarating vibes are felt far and wide with the song progression. Anthony’s guitar licks are quick but not without lasting pop power. This song could easily become a theme for the upcoming spring and summer days that are sorely welcomed.

Jam on.