Interview: Millennial


Millennial is a trio from North Carolina. This interview was held at HandleBar in Austin during the week of SXSW. Their song, ‘Paralyzed’ can be streamed on Spotify and it’s pretty much made it into this week’s musical rotation.

Punchland: Is this your first SXSW?

Millennial: Yes, yes it is.

Punchland: Are you guys excited?

Millennial: Yeah, we’re stoked.

Punchland: Do you guys feel the pressure? This showcase is known to launch careers?

Millennial: I mean we wanna do our best, but we’re just having fun.

Punchland: Right on, have you guys already played?

Millennial: We play today in like an hour.

Punchland: Oh my, so a last minute press day before you take off all ‘Chariots of Fire’ across Austin.

Millennial: We’re gonna do the little scooters and make our way over there. We’ve got a Segway tour coming for us.

Punchland: Dude those things are expensive, Segway tours!

Millennial: Yea?

Punchland: I was gonna do one in Prague last year and it was like $200 bucks.

Millennial: We don’t actually have Segways waiting.

Punchland: I wanted to believe that so badly.

Millennial: Next time, but this isn’t Prague though.

Punchland: Which is supposed to be relatively cheaper than the US, like a beer is 55 cents.

Millennial: We should go there.

Punchland: You should play there.

Millennial: We should play there.

Punchland: They have a big music scene and you guys would fit in perfectly.

Millennial: Absolutely.

Punchland: And the weather there is nice, it’s not as hot as here in the middle of summer.

Millennial: Oh okay.


Punchland: So is today you’re only show?

Millennial: It’s the only one on the books. We may have another one booked for the end of the week.

Punchland: Or do you plan on doing some street performances?

Millennial: Hmmm, we’ll probably do a little of that… or probably not. Not sure our itinerary is pretty full. Lots of interviews before shows.

Punchland: Those are the worst. We could have done it via text while you’re performing.

Millennial: That would have probably been better.

Punchland: And if you have an iPhone you could just record and send the answers as voice messages.

Millennial: We could set up a video so we could get some interview questions in between songs.

Punchland: [imitating a hard of hearing performer] what? Hold on, what?

Millennial: Hold on, I’m trying to FaceTime my interviewer.

Punchland: Hold on we have to answer this question. What is my biggest influence? I would have to say Lenny Kravitz.

Millennial: Without a doubt. And this next song is actually entitled, ‘Lenny Kravitz.’

Punchland: Have you guys actually written a song about an actor or an actress? That’s the up and coming trend.

Millennial: That’s the trend? I did not know that. But we have done that. We can’t disclose the name. We were doing it before we knew it was cool only thing we can say is that it’ll be on our EP that’s coming out. You have to figure it out and then tweet at us or whatever your guess, then we’ll confirm or deny.

Punchland: Don’t even have to hear the song, it is Zooey Deschanel.

Millennial: Oh I wish. Maybe that’s our next one because it might have been cooler. The song is called “Don’t Go” so when it comes out on the EP let us know.


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