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In a previous interview I made the comment to them how cool and rockstar everyone looks. They mentioned that they felt undercool especially for being locals. Enter PARLOUR TRICK, the coolest looking group at that day.

“We’re sweatin’, sweatin’ hard” said Lily. She’s the lead singer.

“Are you guys from Texas?” I asked.

“No, from New York City,” she said.

We talked about how we were placed in a greenhouse like location because it was supposed to rain. It didn’t rain. It’s Texas, they say it will so you prepare for it and then it doesn’t.

“So is this your first SXSW?” I ask.

“Our third,” Lily says.

I joked and asked if they were going to plan on playing SXSW forever?

“Hopefully not,” said she said, “No, no, no! We’re playing this year and we’re really excited because we’re releasing our debut album this June and we got some great opportunities at this festival. But no we’re not going to play it forever.”

“Do you have plans to come back when you’re bigger? I know Ludacris was here last night and performed even though he’s all huge!”

“I think there’s a difference with that. Last year Lady Gaga came and performed too, but that’s different,” she said.

“I don’t think you can ever get too big! It’s a question how you do South by,” said Darah.

“Have you guys learned from the previous years?” I asked.

“I think every year there’s a little more momentum. The showcases are different, the crowds are different. But it’s always a good move. It’s a good way to reach people. It’s ultimately all we wanna do,” said Lily.

I have to admit, with their presence I got really intimidated. Lily and the rest of PARLOUR TRICKS has been doing these interviews and festivals for years. Even though I’m comfortable with people, I suddenly got really nervous. I suddenly kept saying “for sure, for sure” over and over again.

“I know New York is huge in music, does it influence your music in any way?” I asked.

“Like living in New York?” Lily asked?


“I’m sure it does, indirectly. I was born and raised there and everyone else moved there about 10 years ago. It’s a place that has a lot of character all on its own and I feel you have to have a certain attitude to just embrace it. Obviously we incorporate it in everything we do,” she said.

“Do you guys check out the rest of the music scene or prefer to stay out of it?”

“Yea. The music scene is huge. There’s constantly stuff happening. Hundreds of shows every night,” said Lily.

“We’re fortunate to play with a lot of our friends and become friends with people that you’ve played with over the years. So it’s a nice reciprocal thing that happens. It’s such a big scene but it’s also a small scene. There is a lot of intermingling,” said Morgan.

The drum and sound check taking place behind us got a little loud so I’m a little iffy on who exactly said the following. I think it was Brian.

“We have a record coming out this summer. We’re really excited. We have a single coming out this May. It’s really exciting to get some shit done and to spread the word,” he said, “to play bigger shows.”

Here’s their information check them out! Get their new CD in the summer. I can’t wait!

photos from their site

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Written by Gabby Mata

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