Interview: SolPara


Paul Sara makes trance-inducing house music under the name SolPara.  His latest EP Swing has flown under the radar and was released back in January on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label.  Sara is also part of the Booma Collective, which is a group of producers in Montreal that make music among other things.  I came across Swing during this year’s Oscars when Nicolas Jaar surprised release his fantastic alternate soundtrack for Color of Pomegranates, and the first thing to pop up on Other People’s Youtube Channel was the hypnotic video for Solpara’s title track “Swing”.  Instantly alluring, I reached out to Paul to talk about his latest release and what’s next for him.

Punchland: Whenever I listen to your EP it puts me in a trance like state especially the first two tracks and that is all I focus on.  I imagine the effect would be amazing when on something like adderall.  Was this a feeling you were aiming for?

SolPara: The feeling is not directly linked to Adderall – but – yes, the trance like state is something that I was aiming for. The video accompanying “Swing” was also meant to deepen this feeling of trance, hypnosis and rhythm.

Punchland: The cover art goes really well with the music.  “The Descent” is a great opener as it makes me feel like I am soaring across that body of water.  How did you come across that image for your EP?

SolPara: My friend Christopher Honeywell took the photograph. After the EP was first drafted, I needed to find a photo for the cover that would really fit the vibe. At the time, Chris and I were working at the same bar and I asked him if he would be interested in showing me some photos of his for the EP. I saw that photo of the ocean and it just clicked in my mind that this was THE ONE. Plus, it reminds me of one my favorite films called Coeur Fidèle by Jean Epstein. Chris is always posting and updating his awesome work, which you can check out at

Cover art for Swing EP


Punchland: Your music has this very organic sound.  How did you go about recording the EP?

SolPara: The EP was recorded using both some software and some hardware. I was going back and forth between drum machines, synths, sampled records and basic software utilities and plug ins.

Punchland: What’s your relationship with Nicolas Jaar like?  I read you went to high school with him, was the EP always intended for release on his label?

SolPara: Nico and I have been friends for a couple of years now but we really met when we started playing in a band together in high school. The EP was not originally intended for a release on any label, but more part of a big chunk of music that I made in the autumn and winter of 2013/2014 that had a certain cohesiveness for the Swing EP.


Punchland: Will we see more of this Solpara project? 

SolPara: Yes, a couple more tracks to come out this year and a new EP this summer on Booma. Very excited for these!

Punchland: What is the Booma Collective?

SolPara: The Booma Collective is a group of friends that started organizing shows in Montréal about 5 years ago with a focus on underground music of all sorts.  Since, we have been organizing loft shows experimenting with sound, lighting, video, and started the Booma record label just about a year ago.  We also have a mixtape series that features guest mixes as well as mixes from artists within the collective. Our main focus right now is running the label and we have 4 records coming out in the next few months that we are really excited about.

Punchland: If you could provide any alternate score for any film what would it be?

SolPara: Coeur Fidèle and/or Artificial Intelligence.

Swing is available now via Other People, vinyl purchases can be made here, or stream it via Spotify.




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