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Survival Guide is Emily Whitehurst from San Francisco, CA. Last time I checked she had green hair who knows that color it is now. Doesn’t really matter because she’s incredibly talented and I had the privilege to sit and talk to her about cool things. She had with her a mini glockenspiel which if you haven’t seen one of those it’s kind of like a xylophone but the bars are made out of metal. This interview was conducted at HandleBar during SXSW. The new album, Way to Go, is available for preorder until May 14th, and for sale starting the 15th so get on that.

Punchland:  Is this your first time at SXSW?

Survival Guide: It is as Survival Guide. I had been to SXSW with a previous band a few years ago but this time it’s definitely more now.

Punchland: Do you feel you’ve matured as a musician?

Survival Guide: Yes, definitely [laughs].

Punchland: Like you’re more prepared for South by if you can be?

Survival Guide: Yea, I mean the last time I was here we only played one show and we did a little press with Big Picture. And while I’m doing the same thing this time at least I know what I’m doing.

Punchland: So it says you’re from San Francisco, I’m assuming you’re melting.

Survival Guide: Yes, this is definitely more sunny and humid than what I’m used to. They do say that Austin is the San Francisco of Texas.

Punchland: I can see that. As far as the music scene is in San Francisco do you feel it’s influential to your music?

Survival Guide: Hmmm…

Punchland: Or do you feel that you have more of your own vibe?

Survival Guide: I feel like if anything in the area were to influence me it would be the weather. Whether people hear it or not my songs have a little bit of darkness to them and I kinda think that’s from the weather.

Punchland: Now that you’re in Austin and it’s sunny and 80/ 90 degrees as opposed to 70 degrees, do you think it’ll inspire you to write something before you go back?

Survival Guide: You mean something musical?

Punchland: Yes.

Survival Guide: I probably won’t have time because the schedule is so crazy that by the end of the day I’m super tired. So probably not.

Punchland: What about when you return to San Francisco and catch your breath. When you’re reminiscing about this week, could something happen?

Survival Guide: It is possible. Not every song is about weather. But I will take back every experience and it will affect me writing wise too.

Punchland: Good, good. So what’s next after South by?

Survival Guide: I’m playing a couple more Texas shows then returning home and getting ready for my first full length release in May.





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