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Jason & The Rex – Bullets Are Flying

“Bullets Are Flying” is the debut single from Brooklyn-based alternative hip-hop artist Jason & the Rex (Jason Jiang). The track and accompanying music video from director Samantha Silver and producer Tag Brum are out now. 

Jason & The Rex - Bullets Are Flying

Produced and recorded entirely in his Bushwick apartment, “Bullets Are Flying” draws from Jason’s love for socially-conscious 90’s hip-hop artists like De La Soul and Common with the synth-heavy, lush soundscapes of psychedelic dream-pop artists like the Cocteau Twins, the Cranberries, and Tame Impala. Peppered throughout are sounds and atmospheric layers he created by processing and experimenting with his own vocal samples. Sound design is just as integral in his production workflow as composition and arrangement. 

Born in China and raised in Chicago, Jason always played music in some capacity throughout his childhood. He’s a classically trained violinist, played the clarinet in middle school band, and took up the guitar and electric bass in high school. In college, he shifted his creative aspirations and got a degree in film studies at NYU, where he also produced a feature film called The Evangelist. He then went to acting conservatory at the Neighborhood Playhouse and has been a working actor in New York since 2014, appearing in various commercial campaigns and indie films, such as James Schamus’ Indignation.

Dissatisfied with the limited and confining opportunities he found in the acting world, Jason returned to music in 2015, and began writing and producing tracks in his bedroom studio, which he funded with his acting checks. Music production, cinema, and the performing arts all have a synergistic relationship for Jason, as he combines these disciplines to share his perspective on society and identity. He wrote “Bullets Are Flying” shortly after the Parkland shooting and aims to address the complexities of our gun culture, while expressing the grief and exhausting frustration over our stagnant efforts to prevent these tragedies.

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Written by Punchland Staff

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