Panorama Festival 2016: Why Melanie Martinez is Perfect for Panorama

How do people get picked to perform at festivals?

Panorama Festival’s inaugural show is about to happen, and they have to define themselves in a unique way in the festival world. The obvious goal is to get the most popular and talented artists to be the showcase. Melanie Martinez not only fits those criteria, as she is a star on the rise, she fits into the image Panorama is attempting to create with the atmosphere they are fostering.

Panorama is pushing an image of innovation. Not only are they having great music, they pick artists who are able to bleed innovation without having to say it. Melanie Martinez is revolutionizing the pop genre. Including coarse lyricism with elements of cabaret are not only unexpected, but refreshing in a world of monotonous radio pop. The lineup for Panorama is expansive, unprecedented for a debut festival. It covers numerous genres, including what newness Melanie Martinez has to offer for the music world.

On Panorama’s website, they are featuring that they have the Panorama Stage, which “adds unprecedented depth and color to the live music stagecraft.” This will only enhance whatever visual stage performed Melanie Martinez has cooked for her audience. In her videos alone, there is not only color, but theatrical aspects galore. It is only deserving she is able to utilize a stage which can handle her image.

There are numerous reasons why Melanie Martinez is a great pick for Panorama this year. She stands alongside a great set, which will be sure to present a great show.

Listen to “Dollhouse” here:


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