New Order+Holy Ghost – Williamsburg Park: July 24, 2013

New Order – Photo by Adela Loconte
New Order – Photo by Adela Loconte

New Order came back to New York to play the hits at the Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn.
The place looks like a parking lot, but the organizers, Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA), let us know that all the proceeds will be dedicated to improve and maintain North Brooklyn parks, so, that’s good.

Holy Ghost opened for New Order and they were really enthusiastic, despite the fact that the bulk of the audience came later on when the main act went on stage. Most people missed their fun synth set.

Before New Order got on stage, there was a flesh and blood wall that parked right in front of me. Some 6’4” dude that could have been on the last row and still see down Gillian Gilbert’s blouse for sure.

Why is it that tall people are so oblivious of the rest of us vertically challenged?

There should be an unwritten law or at least a concert rule that dictates that tall people should go to the back.

Seriously, it was as if Andre the Giant was right in front of us.

You do know Bernard Sumner is a small guy, right? Do you always have to be the center of attention? C’mon!

The worst part was that the dude wasn’t even enjoying himself! He’d awkwardly raise and arm now and then, timidly wobbling from side to side like a fucking tree.

A woman that was right behind him was looking at me with desperation and frustration in her eyes, as if she was asking for my help. What was I supposed to do? Chop him down? Now there’s an idea…

I gave the woman a little room in front of me. Ironically, she spent the rest of the concert recording every single song on her fucking phone, so yeah, on one side I had Paul Bunyan and on the other I had Lady Instagram-a-Lot. Fuck me.

New Order delivered an awesome and fulfilling set. They played wholeheartedly and on perfect note versions of (Bizarre Love Triangle, Regret), some deep album cuts (Love Vigilantes, World), finishing off with Joy Division tunes (Atmosphere, Love Will Tear Us Apart). Bernard Sumner promised he couldn’t dance because his leg was broken, but he was bringing it. I saw New Order last year playing at the Roseland Ballroom, and they were not this much fun, although the concert was just as impeccable.

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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