Review: Night Moves’ “Carl Sagan” and Upcoming Album Release

It’s hard to find something in the modern day which makes a listener nostalgic, especially for something as refreshing as Todd Rundgren. Fortunately, Night Moves’ new track “Carl Sagan” does just that, from their upcoming sophomore record Pennied Days. This new single is a delightful fusion of 70-80’s classic rock with the heart-thumping guitar riffs complete with the reverb of contemporary indie. The fun and consistent drumbeat and accompanying acoustic guitar and occasional synth can’t help but make the listener sway.

Night Moves | Domino Records Photo by Bryan Derballa
Night Moves | Domino Records
Photo by Bryan Derballa


As the band discussed the name of their group to The Beat Juice:

“The name fits the sound and vibe of the music.  From time to time I think grooving the index fingers and elbows while thrusting is appropriate. Shimmying too.”

Pelant’s vocals in this new single prove an interesting transformation in sound since their debut album Colored Emotions; a voice more controlled and dominating alongside the thriving instrumentation. The fluidity of voice and instruments are definitely more harmonious and organic in this track in comparison with their last funky hit “Headlights.” “Carl Sagan” demonstrates their progression as artists as they solidify themselves, more grounded in their genre – less glam, more rock and roll, without losing their own character. Have a listen.

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Check out Night Moves tour dates here and look out for their new record, Pennied Days, releasing March 25th, 2016.

You can keep up with Night Moves on TwitterFacebook, and Tumblr.

And stop by Domino Recording Co. for more releases from them.


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