Northern Comfort: an Interview with Lucette
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Northern Comfort: an Interview with Lucette


When Lucette first appeared in front of me I felt an instant comfort. I had been doing interviews both planned and unplanned for the last couple of hours and didn’t know which was up or down. Then she appeared. Dressed in black with a cowboy hat and immediately I felt it was all going to be okay.

Lucette is homegrown and dressing in black, I simply can’t avoid the image of the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash. I feel her career will give him a run for his money. Her album ‘Black is the Color’ is 11 tracks that managed to capture what it’s like to breathe the fresh mountain air. Lucette’s song “Bobby Reid” has also made Punchland’s first playlist.

The following is a conversation we held. It’s laid back, it’s raw, and it’s real. This is Punchland.

Our conversation started out with me telling her that she is my comfort zone. Other bands looked really cool and it was almost intimidating talking to them because they looked so rockstar. I wore a simple shark shirt. Sharks are my thing. They don’t care about anything and I felt safe.

Lucette said she liked my shirt and that she also liked sharks.

“Have you written a song about sharks?” I asked.

“No, but I should,” she said.

“That would be really cool,” I said.

“You’ll get some royalties,” she said.

I will say this now. I don’t want the royalties. Just give me a shout out.

Then we talked about how funny it would be to interview sharks.

“I think it would be a funny show. Just put subtitles underneath,” she said, “just put it on YouTube.”

I’d do that if she comes up with the theme song. We could be famous for silly trivial things.

She’s from Canada which traditionally you’d never expect someone who falls under the realm of Americana to be from but she’s a powerhouse.

I told her that I had this love of Canada. Come to think of it, it was really intimidating talking to her. Lucette then proceeded to offer something only people who live below the 40th parallel do. She offered me to hang out and see Canada with her.

“We can go to Vancouver and find sharks or whales. There are more whales there. Free Willy that is my jam,” she said.

I could talk Sharks forever, but I wanted to know some music stuff. “Is this your first SXSW?” I asked.


“Yeah, first time in Austin, first SXSW.”

“How are you feeling it?” Little did I know, it was her first day.

“I’ve literally been here for 10 hours and 6 of those was sleep. It’s all new to me, I’m just taking it as it comes.”

“Well, welcome to the live music capital of the world!” I told her.

“It’s so cool, so cool.”

“Have people mistaken you for a Texan?” I had to ask.


I laugh.

She continues, “I know. I would wear a cowboy hat everyday if I could. It just gets in the way of a lot of things. It’s so big. I don’t wear it when I’m doing laundry or doing the dishes.”

“How did you start as a musician, were you always musically inclined?” I asked. It was time for business.

“I think I always knew. I kinda felt more when it came to music. I just thought about more than your average kid and I sang a lot. I think I started taking it seriously in my teens, like 13/14. I just kept going and started writing. I play piano so I just kept going with that.”

“Now you’re living the dream,” I said.

She responds, “Hopefully. I mean yeah, I am living my dream. That’s exactly it. My goal is to keep making records for the rest of my life. If it comes to the point where I’m not happy, then I’ll reconsider but I’m happy.”

That’s the key to making good music it’s having that good natured soul and that happy attitude towards making a good record. One day in the near future I’ll go to Canada and document my time with Lucette. She can play random dive bars and I’ll check out the local scene in Vancouver. She said to hit her up seriously. I don’t take that stuff lightly. Last time that happened I ended up in the middle of Norway.

To buy Black is the Color please visit:

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all pictures from her website.

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Written by Gabby Mata

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