Northside Festival: 5 Weirdest Instruments Used by Bands

Didgeridoo? More like didgeri-who. If you’re tired of the same ol’ guitar, bass, and drum kick that everybody uses, check out these bands at the festival who use unconventional, if not just straight up weird, instruments in their sets.

5. King Khan and The Shrines – Baritone Saxophone

Normally reserved for ska bands, the bari sax in this psych/soul band’s case makes an odd appearance. If you choose to go see them during the festival, expect to see also garish costumes and a strong stage presence. King Khan himself is known to wear scanty clothing and have an overwhelming stage presence. The band also incorporates belly dancers into their sets as well. Read more about King Khan and the Shrines HERE.

4. Peanut Butter Wolf – Turntables

Does anyone actually use turntables anymore for spinning and mixing? Apparently, Peanut Butter Wolf , aka Chris Manak, does. An active DJ since 1989, he’s a bit more old school than some of the more modern electronic musicians we know and love. Expect to hear more hip hop and funk from this guy than bass drops. Read more about Peanut Butter Wolf HERE.

3. Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders – Keytar

Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders are kind of a mystical entity around Brooklyn- with secret shows and elusive guest lists, it will be a real refresher for Northside attendees that they will play in a known location at a known time. The Riders are very much 80s inspired musicians, and it should be no surprise that Spencer Fox from VICE noted that when he saw them play, “there was a keytar strapped across [Ronnie] like an assault rifle.” Read more about the Riders HERE.

2. The Cave Singers – Melodica


1.Chaos Choas – Harpejji




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