Oto Gris shares his debut LP ‘Avôa’
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Oto Gris shares his debut LP ‘Avôa’

Oto Gris, the Brazilian power trio based in Sao Paulo, is Davi Serrano (vocal and guitar), Jonas Gomes (bass) and Victor Bluhm (drums).

Revealing guitar lines laced with feedback spread out again and once more without losing focus or trailing away. Davi Serrano’s soothing voice holla back to ’60s folk singers; powerful and yet, quietly composed.

Oto Gris sounds exactly like what psychedelic rock should sound like. When done right, obvi.

Get a load of ‘Avôa’ here in full:

01. Amanheceu – 00:00
02. Desatar – 04:23
03: Leve, vivo, breve – 07:46
04. Fitando o céu – 12:05
05. Dois fachos – 15:23
06. Práticas de mergulho-vôo – 20:03
07. Mesmo assim – 25:04
08. Apressando o passo – 29:08
09. Garoa – 36:48


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