Review: Annamay – Out Of Reach

Stockholm singer Annamay shows a wide range of talent on her latest project, “Out Of Reach.” The song is a lamenting but happy piano ballad with raring vocals that dip in and out behind warm guitar and pitter pattering drums.

Give it a listen for yourself.

“You’re the road and the crossroads”

The lyrics that Annamay throws out shows how often she’s written different “love songs through heartache and pain,” but there’s a forgiveness in her voice. As strong as she is tender, lines like “gamble never taken” or the “door you never opened” strike twice as hard with the terrific piano work this song has. I highly recommend the barebones acoustic version too.

Her pop-rock music infuses hints of soulful folk and country, along with a poetic lyricism. Her music communicates feelings of truth, freedom and female empowerment driven by her evocative and captivating vocals. It’s not entirely a surprise hearing that she was born at the top of a mountaintop with amount of airy majesty her voice carries (whether she’s singing or not).

“Om Hon Hade Vetat,” the somewhat of a B side to this single, is just as invigorating. The bass thumps against a perfectly loose jazz picked guitar hop, with the drums carrying a terrific amount of smile-inducing danceability.

If you’re up for emotional as well as high-powered Stockholm rockabilly, it does not get any better than this. Definitely check Annamay out.

Harrison Giza
Harrison Giza
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