Review: B.C. Camplight – How To Die In The North
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Review: B.C. Camplight – How To Die In The North


B.C. Camplight makes music that never fails to go above and beyond the regular song-and-dance track. With such a roar of groove and lyrical valediction, missed birthdays and inattentive Thanksgiving dinners included, Brian Christinzio finds a way to coast along the waves of surf-popping sugar with Beached Boy drumming and Scorsese montage sequence potential.

The riffs? Down and out fantastic. The vocals? Beams of electric 60’s light. “You Should Have Gone to School,” the first track off of How To Die In The North, is able to satisfy both the funky side of things as well as the spacey and indie-undone psychedelic freak in us all.



What makes B.C. Camplight great is the fact that their tempo may change and their key might climb, but each player, on their respective tracks, is forever ready to deliver a mix of incredulity with personalized performance. “Love Isn’t Anybody’s Fault,” the second song off of How To Die In The North, is probably my favorite. The mix of genre is astounding, hitting the region of Foxygen and their merry bag tricks with drum rolling, drug-bendering bliss at every beckoning moment. “Just Because I Love You” is already a contender for slow rides in the nighttime, next to the setting rising summer moon.



Then, with tracks like “Grim Cinema,” Camplight exudes a surf punk-fueled rage of Talking Headed fuckery, hitting you out of nowhere, forcing your head to sway uncontrollably along the bebop of golden sunshine-pop Christinzio has whipped up. These sounds are truly refreshing, especially in a time where bands are trying harder and harder to emulate instead of embrace the notion of artistic freedom to create with individual vision. Each song here creates it’s own atmosphere and sense of direction. Sometimes you’re smiling and laughing, but then, without notice, you’re staring out the nearest window, courtside to memories of the people that slipped away from your fingers.


BC Camplight - How To Die In The North


How To Die In The North gives listeners more than talent to tune into. It hands them a new band to admire entirely. Rightfully so.


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Written by Harrison Giza

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