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Jordon Corso is a man of many different sounds. Sure, saying that is cliché, but on Cotillon, his latest release, Corso delivers nothing short of reverb-slipping, guitar-droning bliss. Right from the opening track, I was glued to the amount of familiarity in Corso’s originality. He is genuinely one of the few “newer” artists I have heard that succeeds in each genre he divulges upon, mixing saxophone swing, popped proto-punk, and Exile-era Rolling Stones smoothness like he was preparing to bake the perfect audial dessert. And to be frank, he pretty much does.

Each track, whether you’re talking the power chord-courted “Asteroid” or the undeniable bounce of “Call Me Up,” throws some serious heat for the Burger Records alum. The number one thing Cotillon contains is the supreme fortitude Corso presents for us, never straying from what he wants his songs to sound like and daring to do whatever whenever it feels right. I’ve heard that “Infection” riff in about a dozen other songs, but Cotillon is an artist of reciprocity, taking and elevating the already to the land of never-have-before.

Corso’s debut ends with some acoustic guitar, whirls of organ-humming, and the promise of creating something even better next time around. The lyrics are as simple as they need to be, but Cotillion’s character and sharp wit carry the words to a new level of aptitude. Critics have made Mac DeMarco comparisons, but that is just a lazy way to label an artist so inspired.

Do yourself a favor and listen with some headphones.

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