Review: Gun To My Head by Gideon King & City Blog

There’s a certain Steely Dan affection in this new Gideon King & City Blog project, even a certain Frank Ocean vibe with tracks like “Straight To Hell” delivering a sultry, melting brew of jazz and funk, not to mention a dazzling vocal arrangement.

Although I was sent a private link of the album (it drops in late September) I highly encourage you to listen to the group and what the ensemble is able to cook up. The sound of the band on the track “Broken and Beautiful” is sad at times, rhythmic, but ultimately deafening with a certain soulful nature reserved for well-groomed funk and jazz musicians. About halfway through the song, the amount of solo, bravado, and genre-blending hits an all time high, guitar, keys, and saxophone included.

The band has a certain smoothness in the way that they play, often times using it to create dark, disorienting riffs with warm tongue and cheek lyrics to boost the track even higher. “Fake It On Facebook” is a standout of musical theater proportions, with a terrific narrative and crashing grooves and especially well-used effects. It’s on tracks like this where the group shines

I highly suggest you keep your eyes peeled for “Gun To My Head.”

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Harrison Giza
Harrison Giza
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