Review: Juan Wauters and Carmelle Safdie – Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur


Native to Uruguay, Juan Wauters first saw his success with his debut solo album, NAP (North American Poetry) in 2012. Since his success he has had the privilege to tour across Europe. It’s easy to tell with his first album how he had such breakthrough, with reflective songs on human personality it takes a talented mind to come up with such deep introspective lyrics. At the break of 2015 comes his first opportunity to tour across North America. Alongside Juan Wauters is Carmelle Safdie providing leads and duets with his EP, Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur.

Preferably I will listen to a song twice. Once to hear the lyrics and the music in unison, trying to understand how the melodies branch out with the lyrics to create the artistry. Secondly, to understand the underlying message behind the lyrics. I disliked Carmelle Sadie’s voice within the second note. However I quickly realized that this was less about the music and more about the lyrics which is something that I have not dealt with in such drastic measures. I faced a challenge of taking more time trying to decipher the lyrics then actually listening to the music. I am very glad I heard it because it demonstrates a deviation from standard poetry in music to forcing the listener to focus on what is actually being said. In a way by having an angelic voice I would not have paid as much attention to the spoken words. Good news however, it’s not long before he begins on tour. (February 3rd). I hope to hear more and expand my what seems to now be little experience in the poetry of sound. In the mean time feel free to check out captured tracks for more great tunes like his.

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