Review: Kevin West – Story Of My Life

If you want a happy adventure song to play this summer, look no further than Kevin West’s “Best Of Mine.” With quick guitar, a hooking chorus, and a voice that keeps you singing throughout, West shines of “Story Of My Life.”

The song is happy, but still, it doesn’t gleam with simplicity. Each track on the record has a very good sound on their own, with “Best Of Mine” being a perfect example of how to highlight meaning in a song. It’s a traveling song, the kind you”d turn on after work or heading out for a day trip in the countryside. In short, it is very good to play when driving or by campfire light.

Born in San Diego CA. and raised in northern New Jersey, Kevin West grew up in a lower middle class blue collar environment which is often reflected in his lyrics.

The rest of the album has that same charm and smart musical sensibility. Nothing here is meant to try and change you sonically, but West’s lyrics are beyond some of the best he’s ever put to music.

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Harrison Giza
Harrison Giza
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