Review: When Love’s A Stranger – Magical Beasts

When Love’s A Stranger might be a blur of a project, but that’s only because each song fades into the other with great success. Magical Beasts have a lot of grooves on their latest EP, and “New York,” the first song here, bursts with acoustic guitar and a warmly-worn harmonica.

The next track, “When Love’s a Stranger,” is a smooth jam as well, but the third song on the album, “Lady Bird,” is the standout. With heartfelt, tongue and cheek lyrics and terrific vocal riffs, frontman Nathan Paulus shines without stealing the limelight. From Rhonda Harrison Tag to Josh Miller, the menagerie of artists behind the music are phenomenal. Jim Becker’s solo on the penultimate track “Someone to Lift the Blue” is certainly a highlight as well.

If you like Bill Callahan or high-level folk grooves, Magical Beasts are more than worth your time. Click here for more on their music and make sure to check out their Indie Go Go Campaign when you have a chance.



Harrison Giza
Harrison Giza
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