Review: Mount Eerie – Sauna
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Review: Mount Eerie – Sauna

Mount Eerie – Sauna


If you would, please read my review while listening to the music. (Click the link above and click Play on “Sauna”)

For me  it’s eight in the morning, suns not up, I just flicked some lights on inside and can just make out the snow on the ground. Open up my laptop and grab some tea to write the review on this one.

Great thing about this track is it’s atmospheric. The music video describes that, the feeling you get should reflect relaxation. If you have ever listened to a youtube playlist that tries to lull you to sleep, this song adopts a similar method. There are plenty of studies behind simple music for meditation/relaxation and it’s very rare to find an artist who accomplishes this.

The song cracks, similar to my stiff body as my eyes work through the residue of sleep. The steam cascades over the rim of my mug as my fingers curl comfortably in the hold. I lose interest in my screen and look outside to the harsh cold and lean my chair back and feel the warmth of comfort trickle down my throat.

Just like song, in the segment above i’m attempting to describe an atmosphere and feeling. Whether I accomplish this or not is on the capability of my writing. With this being said, it’s in the capability of the artist (Mount Eerie) to make us feel a certain way. So, no, if you’re looking for a catchy hook, or a four-on-the-floor…anything…this isn’t the song for you. However, you just had an exhausting day, boss lost it on you, got in a wreck, pipe burst and is flooding your house or apartment. You don’t want to think, you want a song that reflects in a way how you’re feeling while still allowing you to let go of all the shit happened to you today.

Que additives to the music, loud, assaulting, war-of-the-world like groans, and simple bongo hits. Just like an average day slowly more and more starts to happen. The senses adapt easier if they are slowly introduced. If someone were to dump frigid water on you whilst you sleep versus if you were to take a cold shower. This is the analogy for if you were to listen to the middle of the song without hearing the middle.

Anyways, check out some live performance by this guy and also check out his other stuff. Preferably when something needs the edge of music without the dance but with the feeling.

Here’s the man’s social media:

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by lifemusic: @thhulsmans

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Written by Thomas Hulsmans

Hey guys, I'm a small town producer up north.

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