Review: press start – savesomeone
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Review: press start – savesomeone

Savesomeone has delivered an EP of nothing but sonically great authentic sounds, placed between even smoother songs that shred like fire across the open midnight backlit sky.

It’s just really good, what do you want me to say?

Like Frank Ocean mixed inside of a melting gameboy, press start begins, with samples that will linger throughout the rest of the tape.

Lois Lane, the opener here, has the primal power of early Raconteurs records, but doubled up by way of Dan The Automator smooth as hell beats. Speaking again from Frank Ocean reference, this album is a simple genre mix akin to Nostalgia Ultra.

This kid isn’t joking lyrically, musically, or most importantly, naturally. The mix on this track is rough but sound with a brain twice as sound as the song’s heart.

I first heard fire before the actual album dropped, so as a single I already knew it works. Album wise, it does as well, adding to the ambient breeze of glowing-yet-sicken memories this album seems to drift on about from time to time.

Without doubt, there are Post Malone comparisons to be made on “diamonds.” Fucking bring them. It’s valid, but, as if Nelly possessed the soul of Post, only to make sure to crank up the ghost-spooky stomp and clap melodies. The drums go and go and go on this track.

The flow on “cash out” is vibrant, soulful, and dipped in sad gold boy anthemic melody (praise be unto the synth lords). Grim and grimy, the song “savesomeone” itself is a perfect end to the EP. Within the without beat, this song is something to be heard, preferably at loud volume.

For an EP so short in length, the closer here is almost a remix of everything off each song on the album, music and lyrics included. All in all, a terrific project from savesomeone.

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Written by Harrison Giza

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