Review: The Chemical Brothers- “EML Ritual”

The electronic duo, The Chemical Brothers, have released their newest single off their soon to be released LP, “Born in the Echoes”.

“EML Ritual” features a collaboration with British singer Ali Love. My first thought about this track was that this is unique but beautifully insane. There is a solid, steady, rhythmic beat that builds up the song that you can not help but embrace it.  The vocals becomes intertwined with these beats, creating a very tense atmosphere.

This is the part where I begin to admire the production of track. The voices begin to overlap. “I know what to do, I’m going to lose my mind” is the lyric that dominates the song and it fits perfectly.  Suddenly, the song goes from tension to confusion without any sign of release.

By the three minute mark, the tension still remains. However, there is now an awesome sound of supersonic distortion added to the mix.

The song is hypnotic. You can’t help but dance to this.  Its consistent, powerful, and you will feel you are going to lose your mind. Anyone who is big fan of The Chemical Brothers is sure to love this track.

Be sure to check out “Born in the Echoes” when it drops on July 17th.



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