Sarah O’Holla Reviews Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” (1970)


I am not as familiar with Paranoid, so I’m excited for what I’m about to discover. That’s the thing with this record collection, it’s sort of how I always order massaman curry when I get Thai food. When I realized I loved Vol. 4, instead of being like, “I’m going to listen to all of Alex’s Black Sabbath albums,” I was like, “I want to just keep listening to this one album over and over again.” I think both ways of listening to music are good though. I love when I know an album inside and out, it can be so much more fun to listen to those types of albums than something new. But trying something new is the only way you find more of those inside-out albums! I also have a strong feeling that just because I love Vol. 4, doesn’t mean I’m going to love everything Black Sabbath has ever made, but maybe I’m wrong. Let’s find out.

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