‘Secrets’ – Aria Jay

Spring is right on the horizon and people are ready for anything to break free from the winter doldrums. Whether it is the final clash of ice and fire in Game of Thrones or even the epic showdown to come from the heroes of Avengers: Endgame, this spring is already shaping up to be one for the entertainment history books. Now, before all this epic chaos ensues, musical magic is once again saving the day thanks to the Brooklyn star, Aria Jay and her new stunner of a track, Secrets.

To catch fans up on her various doings, over the course of 2018 Aria has been shifting gears left and right propelling her on a sudden evolution across the board that led smack dab into 2019 with a bang. From a tour in London, to a constant series of shows with the support of the artist incubator Dauntless Media (that includes their wildly entertaining Christmas compilation and tours) and endless hair color changes (its blue now), the woman is on a mission to enter the ears of all. Her continued training with the incomparable Judy Hages only builds upon her endless dedication to her craft. It’s easy to hear how that is possible, just watch and listen below:

Secrets has everything that makes an Aria Jay tune so addicting and original. First off, her signature voice still is and will always be the key to loving her music. It keeps listeners in a lovely trance of serene alternative-R&B. Her vocals are captivating in a way that makes any dream come to life. Listeners are in love from the start. A peculiar journey is all it takes to become involved in this.

What makes this track even more interesting is her added production assist thanks to the Force sensitive musician and producer, Capotal. The man seems to see right into the core of Aria’s spirit while plucking out the ideal elements to showcase her wide breadth of catchy ingredients that support her smooth vocals. Listeners bounce to the beat and the electric guitar licks, thanks to the versatile Michael Zigon, offer an enjoyable surprise along the way. The entire track is so well-balanced to a point where the repeat button is the natural next step. It is also worth noting that listeners will be singing this song throughout their day without question in unexpected moments. So, belt it out proudly.

To add onto the tasty flavor, the paired lyric video, directed by Jordan Edwards and produced by Rachael Hardway / Dauntless Queens TV, is another glorious companion to Aria’s artistic flair. Her comfortably alluring stare and surrounding ethereal hues flow well with the track right from the inception. Symmetry is unveiled and the viewer has to admire the unusual aesthetic within. The cinematography is a sublime companion for Aria and her music. Secrets continues to astound even beyond one medium.

Aria is no stranger to visual sorcery with her music. Her visual album ‘GROWTH‘ was a topic of much praise for its diverse and signature styles that paved the way to where the musician is now. Her development as a musician, producer and visual artist only goes on to prove that she is never going to stop. It is the year of Aria Jay and damn, it will be amazing all the same.

Jam on.

Give a listen to Aria Jay’s full discography below:



Lunar Isles – In Any Other


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Ovlov – Strokes

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