Northside Festival: Smooth R&B Shaken with Hints of Hip-Hop

Rothstein Shakes-up Hip-Hop


1.  Rothstein offers the ladies a track with “Sarah (feat. Vader the Villin)” from Magazine Beach. Smooth yet textured vocals run-down business while tinkling mixes linger in the background. Rothstein isn’t sure what “A rapper is to do” when women are not into rap. Rothstein’s answer is to amp in the smooth stylings of R&B swank.


“Sarah (feat. Vader the Villin)” by Rothstein

from Magazine Beach:

[bandcamp width=400 height=439 album=3059392000 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f artwork=small]

2.  An avid collaborator in bending tracks, Rothstein looked to Vader the Villin (pictured left) for an appearance in Magazine Beach, as a feature artist in “Sarah” and “Familiar.” Vader’s twitter profile, @VadertheVillin, proclaims that he is a painter and a music-maker. Vader has additional tracks and involvement on SoundCloud. Click HERE to check his tracks.

3.  Rothstein finds inspirational influence from his “hometown hero Cousin Stizz,” John Darnielle, and Sondheim. Referencing the momentum found in Madball and Cro Mags, Rothstein said, “I make big, aggressive trap songs, but my live show has more in common with the energy and ethic of NYC hardcore punk shows of yore” (PR).


4.  “Buyer Beware (feat. Deca)” dwells in contemporary societal issues in that reality seems to fall short in rewards once the effort is put forth. “Caught between the savage and the sacred…” Rothstein confronts Isis and the construction-to-destruction of civilization. He sees the artists sculpting beauty from the remains, but will it be enough? The young collegiate often discovers that the 50k spent on education does not guarantee that one will find employment, forcing a desperate turn to fast-food. If one’s contributions to society cost 10x the rewards…is it all worth it? Rothstein deals with “seeming” versus “being” and exposes Machiavellian dichotomies as alive and well in the twenty-first-century. Well played!

“Buyer Beware (feat. Deca)” by Rothstein

from Magazine Beach:

5.  “Coast Guards” by Rothstein has been on SoundCloud for less than a month. This new track may show face at his live performance scheduled for 10 June 2016 at Northside Festival 2016. Listen to the track below. SoundCloud has another fresh track that Rothstein provided, as an unreleased track for review – look for track in October – the sound is so tight it will be worth the wait. MTF. Rothstein’s “Unreleased” is a mind-blowing address of how one deals with life problems. Modern society is engulfed in anxiety, and Rothstein drops references to one’s dependency on xanex, noting that nerve pills alone won’t make the cut. Including social conflicts inside such deep rap wakes up the audience to what is really going down.

“Coast Guards” by Rothstein

on SoundCloud:

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Album Release:

Magazine Beach is available on BandCamp @ NameYourPrice. Click HERE to purchase on BandCamp.

Festival Show Time:

Friday 10 June 2016 @ 7:00 pm, Blackbear Brooklyn

Click HERE to purchase a ticket for Rothstein’s showtime.



Shout to Sources:  Northside Festival 2016, BandCamp, TicketFly, @rothsteinraps, @VadertheVillin



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