Sondre Lerche + TEEN @BoweryBallroom

@ooteenoo’s powerful vocals and mix of R&B melodies and prog rock jams was the perfect way to warm up the main act. @SondreLerche was ready to galvanize the crowd with a performance that was both electrifying and intimate. Digging through his extense catalog of sentimental European pop songs, shoegaze and jazzy tunes, Lerche vivacious act kept longtime fans singing their hearts out. And at some point TEEN too, as they supported Lerche with backing vocals. Check out the photos for TEEN and Sondre Lerche below.

All photos by Josef Pinlac.

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
Tag Brum lives in Brooklyn and writes things from a computer whenever wi-fi is available. You can follow him on Twitter @tagbrum.


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