Song Feature – ‘Chasing Your Love’ – Lily McQueen


Time to bring back 80s pop-rock, yet again! Music fans are soaking up the 80s with pleasure. New tunes of this caliber emitting from the west coast Los Angeles are making their way across the country thanks to the talented musicianship of Lily McQueen. With her debut album, ‘Electric Love’ set for a release date on June 23rd, the lady is on a roll. Luckily, fans were granted treat  earlier last week with the unveiling of her single, Chasing Your Love. Lily happily gave a taste of what this single is all about.

Motivation for this track came through classic creativity and exploration. “I didn’t sit down with any intentions at first. I was just messing around on my computer with a loop when I began to sing about this relationship that had been plaguing my mind. It was one of those melodies that felt right so I kept going with it until the song came together.”

The theme of the single is deeply set for Miss McQueen. “It’s about unrequited love and those relationships where you know it’s no good for you, but you just can’t shake it. Despite the sad subject matter, the song is sort of a celebration of those delusions. I’m well aware of it all and laughing with myself for a minute at the situation I’ve gotten myself into.”

Favorite musical attributes within are easy to pick for Lily. “The pan flute. That was all Sam (Sam O.B.). We worked together on another song for my album and I knew he would get what I was going for with this song. At the time we were both really inspired by the new songs Justin Bieber was putting out, especially his use of pan flute and vocal chops. Sam pretty immediately came up with this line that fit perfectly in the spaces.”  

Give Chasing Your Love a watch and listen below:

A dreamlike world and trippy sound send listeners off into a ethereal place. Echoed vocals bring that 80s twang into the fold. Pretty in pink never ran more true here as Lily steals the scene staring at the viewer while singing away. Glamor can be felt with each emotion unleashed. Swaying bodies will be the result of this catchy tune. Glitter and pop are ideal for this. Head bobs follow through with the ease of the trickling beats. Even the look and feel of the video itself oozes the 80s with swatches of color, denim and endless shine. The music fits into this vibe easily with its groovy flow that is visibly seen as the wind blows through Lily’s hair. Enjoy and dance with good energy.

Jam on.