Song Premiere: “Call You My Own” by Valerie Orth


What better way to start of the holiday season but with some stellar tunes? Luckily, there is a groovy one for music fans to get their ear around. The lovely and bluesy Valerie Orth has a special new song to unveil to the masses titled, Call You My Own. Not only is the groove a valuable one, it is sublime for the long car and plane rides to come this season. For those itching for something to become obsessed with, look no further. To gain a better understanding of this new bit, Valerie opened up about the piece.

The song actually has quite back story behind it. “I started writing this song during a tour, finally finding some peace and quiet from NYC and quality time with my acoustic guitar. Strangely, I couldn’t get a guy I’d known for so long off my mind. He had been so into me since high school, but like a B-movie, we were best friends and friends only. It was only later, in the impossible NYC dating scene, that I finally recognized how someone who loved me that much was all I really wanted. I wondered if he’d be open to the idea… Well, the song outlasted that obsession. I played around with Call You My Own for two more years by the time I brought it to my co-producer, Devon Johnson. I was working with him to hone in on my new sound, integrating electronic production with live instrumentation. He immediately latched onto the quirky, funky guitar loop at the top of the song in the latest version and took it to exactly where I wanted my music to be: gritty, eccentric yet still accessible in both groove and lyrics.”

For those looking to figure out how to deal with struggle of making the first move, this song has plenty of that. Valerie gave the short and narrow of the main message here. “That tentative and anxious feeling of calling the person you’re into, or taking the first steps to progress a friendship to another level… From my experience: take the risk, don’t wait!” Hey, it’s the holiday season, anything can happen!

 Going beyond the lyrics, this song has a lot of great moving parts. Valerie attempted to mention her most memorable moments. “It’s hard to pick a favorite part. I love the funky vibe of this song. I love the weird harmonies, especially the ‘I’s that sound like samples. I love the bassline’s deep groove and the unexpected chord progression… The claps, random yet not only work, are crucial to the song. It’s really fun to perform this song live with a full band. Now, I’m just waiting for the stars to align perfectly again so I can write another song like Call You My Own – hopefully it won’t take another two years!” Finger crossed, more Valerie Orth magic is needed.

A nice groovy guitar licks start things off. Down the line, Valerie’s crooning voice gracefully chimes in and the thump of a bass brings the groove full center. It is almost a bluesy rock melody both musically and lyrically. Oh man, that bass it addicting and really sets the tone for the song throughout. Listeners will definitely be captivated by her voice and the erupting chorus that preaches via a Valerie Orth choir. Despite the theme, the song is catchy and is one of a kind. Even in the lingering vocal points, the listener remains interested as the mood slowly builds up even further. Fans will have their feet tapping all the way especially when they put this song on repeat for the holidays to come. Get down with it.

Jam On.