Song Premiere: ‘Evaporate’ by Nick Blaemire

Prepare to nerd out well today. Not with Star Trek or any other nerdy canon, but with some entertaining tunes. With the release of his solo, ‘The Ampersand EP,’ Nick Blaemire is going to become a fan favorite. He has already been an active participant in the art world via the theater arena, but music is his next adventure. Luckily, the man’s ambitions are strong. Today, he unveils his new single, Evaporate, for all to enjoy. This tune is a good one and he was kind enough to talk a bit on its origins. Also, the man will be performing at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage One, on February 4th at 8PM for those who remain intrigued to see this musician in action. 

The motivation for the single hit quite close to home for the New York City crew. “Traffic patterns in New York are such that, despite it being a huge, jam-packed city full of millions of people, I feel like I run into people I know a lot… It always jars me out of my solitude, or out of whatever vibe I’m in with whoever I’m with. So this song is about being alone even when there’s people everywhere.”

Musically, Nick’s style is focused on an urban message. “We went after bottling what it feels like inside your body when you’re walking around New York. The small, tense moments of stress walking around in a big crowd or running into someone when you’re feeling antisocial and then also the moments of absolute freedom, when New York feels like the set for the movie of your life. Hopefully, if you can time the choruses just right as you’re walking out of the subway… Hopefully it’ll feel cool.”

Evaporate  has many ideal moments but Mr. Blaemire gave his favorite bit. “I love the bridge, mostly because it felt risky to do in a song that could very well have been one vibe the whole time, but I kept hearing this big rock departure that is conceptually opposite to lyrics about evaporation… To me, [it] summed up what it felt like to disappear and be in a perfect moment, the sort of epic rock euphoria of that.

Give it a watch and a listen below:

Vocals come right in with a lone crash of drums to support. It is all solid soul straight off the bat. The rhythm increases with intermittent claps, which immediately give way to to the full R&B range of Mr. Blaemire. Every bit of this tune could easily cause one to walk the city streets and blend right in with it’s soulful bliss. Not a thing could bother a listener here. Pop and R&B merge well and the average Joe will linger on the subway just a bit more to stay in the musical dream even with that soft ending. Time to place on repeat.

Jam On.



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